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Lorraine Klimowich

Lorraine Klimowich

Senior Editor Economics, Political Science, and Public Administration
Springer New York

233 Spring Street
7th Floor
New York, NY 10013-1578

+1 (212) 620-8424

WEAI 2019, June 28-July 2 PolMeth 2019

July 18-20 APSA 2019

August 29- September 1 SEA 2019

November 23-25

Book Series

Sports Economics, Management, and Policy

Natural Resource Management and Policy

Economic Studies in Inequality, Social Exclusion, and Well-Being

The European Heritage in Economics and the Social Sciences

Topics in Regulatory Economics and Policy

Transportation Research, Economics and Policy

Studies in Public Choice

Immigrants and Minorities, Politics and Policy

Political Economy of the Asia Pacific

SpringerBriefs in Political Science

Development and Governance

Textbooks on Political Analysis

SpringerBriefs in Political Science

Public Administration, Governance, and Globalization

Public Administration and Information Technology

Studies in Public Budgeting

Protecting Critical Infrastructure

Competitive Government: Public Private Partnerships