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Networking to promote electric mobility

A breakthrough in electric mobility cannot be expected until products interact perfectly with infrastructure /International ATZ conference Grid Integration of Electric Mobility from 31 May to 1 June 2016 in Berlin will bring together representatives of the automotive industry, energy suppliers, data services and the world of politics

Wiesbaden, 21 April 2016

© SpringerClose cooperation between the automotive industry and the electricity sector, which have traditionally operated separately, is seen as the key to achieving a breakthrough in electric mobility. Companies such as BMW, EWE, LichtBlick and SMA Solar Technology will be meeting in Berlin from 31 May to 1 June 2016 to exchange professional expertise. The international conference Grid Integration of Electric Mobility, organized by ATZlive, will bring together senior representatives of the two industries and of research institutions to discuss the challenges and opportunities of electric motors. Speakers include Dr Nikolai Ardey, Vice President Efficient Dynamics at BMW Group, and Ines Kolmsee, Chief Technology Officer at EWE AG, who will be explaining the requirements for creating synergies between the transport and electricity systems. These include putting in place the necessary information and communications technology.

The conference agenda covers solutions such as charging communication and controlled charging in a smart power grid as well as grid stability, to which vehicle batteries can make a key contribution if they are integrated as decentralized energy storage devices. ‘The success of electric mobility and the energy revolution in the transport sector are essentially questions of communication and shrewd cooperation. That applies both to the sectors concerned and in a figurative sense to producers, consumers and storage systems in the power grid,’ Dr. Johannes Liebl, Scientific Director of the conference, emphasized.

The growing share of electricity obtained from renewable and hence CO2-free power sources such as wind, solar and hydro power can help curb global warming. Electrically powered vehicles also provide a solution for non-public transport that is emission free at local level. They thus avoid noise and air pollution and directly improve quality of life. This is particularly true in urban and densely populated areas.
The speakers will be available for interviews at the conference itself.

Contact: Uschi Kidane | Springer Nature | tel +49 6221 487 8166 | 
Venue: andel’s Hotel, Landsberger Allee 106, 10369 Berlin

ATZlive, an offshoot of the specialist trade journal ATZ, is the conference organizer of Grid Integration of Electric Mobility and a respected name in the field of conferences for vehicle and engine engineers. The aim of all the events is to bring together key representatives of research, practice and politics to discuss current issues and solutions.
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Uschi Kidane | Springer Nature | tel +49 6221 487 8166 |