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'Interceram’ and ‘Keramische Zeitschrift’ to supplement the Springer Professional portal

From March 2018 these two long-established ceramics journals will be published by Springer Fachmedien | German-language ‘Keramische Zeitschrift’ and English-language ‘Interceram’ will supplement the Mechanical Engineering + Materials channel on the portal Springer Professional

Wiesbaden, 12 February 2018

Interceram © Springer NatureFrom March 2018, two ceramics journals – the German-language Keramische Zeitschrift and English-language ‘nterceram – will strengthen Springer Fachmedien’s portfolio. The international journals represent an excellent addition, both to the materials journals already published in Wiesbaden, and to the online content offered on the Springer Professional portal’s Mechanical Engineering + Materials channel.  

“With Interceram and Keramische Zeitschrift we have expanded our services for surface engineering, adhesives, sealants and lightweight design,” claims Stefanie Burgmaier, CEO of Springer Fachmedien Wiesbaden GmbH. In addition to the two ceramics titles, Springer Fachmedien also publishes the Journal für Oberflächentechnik, adhäsion – Kleben + Dichten and Lightweight Design, all of which are available in both German and English editions. 

Both Interceram, which will turn 67 in 2018, and Keramische Zeitschrift, which will turn 70, highlight key technologies and manufacturing techniques for industrial ceramics. Presenting not only innovative processes and products, but also the latest research advances, the two journals will be published five times a year. In addition, an English-language special on “refractories” will be released in September.

The first issues of Keramische Zeitschrift and Interceram published in Wiesbaden will focus on technical ceramics, functional ceramics, ceramic process engineering and additive manufacturing. For the remainder of 2018, further issues on e.g. ceramic materials for energy storage, high-temperature applications, lightweight design, surface engineering and joining technologies are planned. 

Keramische Zeitschrift and Interceram can be subscribed to in either print or digital format. Their content will be integrated into the Springer Professional portal, a platform where Springer Fachmedien is also creating a back-issues archive for subscribers. Until the end of 2017, both journals were published by Expert Fachmedien GmbH in Düsseldorf.

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