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Springer announces new book series Healthy Ageing and Longevity

New series highlights challenges and solutions to maintaining healthy and productive lives in older age

New York | Heidelberg, 19 August 2014

© SpringerAs the longevity of the world’s population continues to increase, the challenges accompanying this become more complex and touch nearly every aspect of society. Springer has therefore launched a new book series, Healthy Ageing and Longevity, to address issues related to this achievement.

Increased proportions of the elderly in the population also bring in the questions such as “how long can we live?” “how long should we live?”, “how do we maintain health?” and “how do we prevent and treat diseases in old age?” While the descriptive and mechanistic aspects of aging are well established, the implications of this understanding are ever-changing and challenging. This field of study has attracted both well-seasoned and young academics from diverse fields such as biology, medicine, psychology, sociology and public health. The new series seeks to inform researchers and practitioners across a wide spectrum of disciplines.

This series will provide exhaustive reviews of established bodies of knowledge, and will also provide critical evaluation of ongoing research and development. The main focus will be on providing insight into how best to maintain, recover and promote health and longevity. The first volume – Toward Post Ageing – will describe and understand the emergent and expanding role of technologies that hold both promise and possible peril for transforming the aging process in this century. The book has already entered production and is expected sometime in the fall.

“As we expect to live longer and longer, we also have to deal with an ever-growing list of concerns we have never before had to confront, regarding these rapidly changing demographics,” said Suresh Rattan PhD, DSc, of Aarhus University, Denmark, Series Editor and also Editor-in-Chief of Springer’s journal, Biogerontology. “This is a field that is only growing in its value to both science and society alike, and I am delighted to be involved in launching this new series.”

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