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Post Graduate Award in Health Economics in Pharmaceuticals Industry

  • Flexible study concept with self-study and live webinars
  • Certificate with exam and 10 ECTS

This course will provide the student with an understanding of the economics of the pharmaceutical industry. The development of effective, safe, high-quality, reliable drugs that meet a medical need must be the primary philosophy of regulatory science, but it cannot be done without reference to Health Economics. The course will review the importance and impact of healthcare in the economic activity, the functioning of the healthcare market and the health insurance market, the functioning of the pharmaceutical sector, the importance of innovation and the problems of incentives in the supply and demand of healthcare and pharmaceutical products.

After successfully completing this course, students will be able to:

Understand the basic features of pharmaceutical markets, how pharmaceutical markets work and how competition manifests itself in different parts of pharmaceutical markets.Explain how the pharmaceutical market is linked to the health care market and why it is often the focus of much regulationDemonstrate good understanding of the economic and policy problems encountered in managing pharmaceutical markets.Demonstrate understanding of the pharmaceutical markets from the perspectives of: governments, third party payers, the pharmaceutical industry, doctors and patients, pharmacists and wholesalers.Understand the economics of pricing and reimbursing pharmaceutical products.Comprehend the principles of Health Technology Assessment (HTA) and its implementation.

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Topics covered in the course:
•    Global public health, implementing change and health promotion
•    The Pharmaceutical market and its link with the health care market
•    Health economics, health policies and social justice
•    Pharmaceutical Economics and the different Policies 
•    Current issues in health economic evaluations in the pharmaceutical industry 
•    Pricing in pharmaceuticals industry 
•    Health Economics in pharmaceutical industry and entrepreneurship 
•    Health Technology Assessment (HTA)

Cooperation partner: College of medicine & dentistry, Birmingham (UK)

College of Medicine & Dentistry © College of Medicine & DentistryEstablished in 2018, we are one of the few private education providers offering a wide range of training programmes for the dental team and all healthcare professionals.  Working across a blended learning concept, we aim to reach out to all aspiring individuals to improve their knowledge and skills.  Our collaboration with Ulster University enables us to offer a wide range of career progression opportunities.

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Online (live webinars) and self-directed learning

Co-operation partner: 

College of Medicine and Dentistry, Birmingham (UK) 

Duration | Workload: 

12 weeks

300 hours: 30 contact hours (live webinars) and 270 of directed self-learning.


Level 6 degree in Pharma, Biomed, Medicine or equivalent

English test: The College of Medicine and Dentistry will do an English test (free of charge) internally to the students. The English test will be one hour maximum and will assess the applicant competencies in Speaking, Reading, Writing and Listening. The test will be focused on pharma issues. This will tick the English Language requirements for the course.


Certificate of the College of Medicine and Dentistry (Birmingham) with 10 ECTS


€ 2200,- (VAT-free)


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