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Leadership and Negotiation

Designed for professionals in positions of authority or aspiring to such roles, this course  generates essential diagnostic and strategic understanding, as well as personal insight and skills for leadership. Students are introduced to the theory and practice of negotiation in the context of organisational leadership and management. The purpose is to help professionals strengthen their ability to exercise leadership and negotiate successfully.

Drawing from several disciplines, the course develops a framework for diagnosing and intervening in organisational systems to generate adaptive work. This framework will help students to analyse negotiations in general and prepare more effectively for future negotiations in which they hope to exercise leadership.

Upon successful completion of this module, students will:

- Demonstrate the ability to judge, select and/or formulate effective leadership tools

- Demonstrate mastery of a set of practical leadership skills

- Review, evaluate and propose solutions to scenarios typical for leaders in industry and arrive at possible solutions working in a team environment

- Recognise the subjectivity in ethical and leadership issues and construct reason arguments for their opinion or recommendations

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• Strategic Thinking

• Critical Thinking

• Workplace Communication

• Team Building

• Decision Making

• Change and Conflict Management

• Negotiation Strategies

• Systems Thinking

• Global Leadership Perspective

• Ethical Leadership and CSR

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Self-guided learning

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Healthcare Learning

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4 weeks | 30 hours of tutor guided learning activities | Certificate of completion by Healthcare Learning




€ 1.000,- (plus VAT)




Companies can book this course for their employees directly at Springer Campus. If you are an employee of a company and would like to take this course, please contact your HR department so that they can book the course for you at Springer Campus. 

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