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In this simulation, you will embrace the power of the titration technique. With appropriate lab apparatus, a chemical indicator and a base solution, you can determine the concentration of any acid.

At the end of this simulation, you will be able to…

• Assemble the apparatus required for titration

• Describe the function of each part of the titration apparatus

• Explain the general steps of a colorimetric acid-base titration and its uses

• Perform a titration experiment

• Describe the role of the 3 main reagents used in a titration: sample, titrant, and indicator

• Explain what is the endpoint of a titration and the role of the indicator

• Explain why the use of high-precision volumetric material is essential for a titration

• Calculate the concentration of the titrated solution from the results of the titration experiment

Techniques In Lab: Acid-base titration

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