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Science, Technology and Medicine Collections

Biomedical and Life Sciences

A_BioMed_LifSciences_95x140px.jpg © SpringerOver 640 titles in 2016

From psychopharmacology to animal signals, the ecosystems of our oceans to amino acid in pigs, Springer’s Biomedical and Life Sciences publishing covers a huge range of topics essential to study in all subjects that address our planet and the life that thrives on it.

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Chemistry and Materials Science

A_Chemistry_MaterialsScience_95x140px.jpg © springerOver 300 titles in 2016

Springer eBooks in Chemistry and Materials Science is a large collection of eBooks that addresses an incredibly diverse range of important topics. 

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Computer Science

A_ComputerScience_95x140px.jpg © springerOver 1,100 titles in 2016

Computers are everywhere, following us from work to home, lying next to us as we sleep and waking us in the morning. The collection provides detailed information across database design, software engineering, cryptology, information retrieval and human computer interaction among many other topics. 

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Earth and Environmental Science

A_Earth_Environment_95x140px.jpg © springerOver 390 titles in 2016

Springer eBooks for Earth and Environmental Sciences is the leading collection in this varied and fascinating field. Books are covering the latest research in Geology, Geophysics, Geochemistry, Hydrology, Oceanography, Atmospheric Sciences, Environmental Earth Sciences, Geography, Soil Science and Marine & Freshwater studies. 

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A_Energy_95x140px.jpg © springerOver 130 titles in 2016

The Springer eBook collection in Energy showcases the latest developments in energy science, from emerging research to real-world applications. It bridges the traditional disciplines and unifies content central to the challenges of meeting 21st century demands for adequate and clean energy. 

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A_Engineering_95x140px.jpg © springerOver 900 titles in 2016

As the world economies come to rely ever more on technological developments, the Springer eBooks in Engineering collection keeps pace with crucial developments in all classical engineering disciplines; Mechanical, Aerospace, Electrical, and Civil Engineering. 

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Mathematics and Statistics

A_Mathematics_95x140px.jpg © springerOver 540 titles in 2016

Springer is globally recognized as a leader in this important field. The Springer Mathematics and Statistics collection covers the core topics of the subject; algebra, analysis, geometry, probability and statistics. Springer eBooks in Mathematics and Statistics also includes titles in the increasingly complex area of quantitative finance. 

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A_Medicine_95x140px.jpg © springerOver 790 titles in 2016

The Springer eBook collection in medicine contains titles in Imaging, Nuclear Medicine, Surgery, and Health Informatics. Additionally Books in Oncology, Pathology, Intensive Care Medicine and Orthopedic Surgery are critically acclaimed. Publications in Cardiology, Dermatology, Ophthalmology, Otorhinolaryngology and Urogynecology are growing rapidly as well. 

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Physics and Astronomy

A_Physics_95x140px.jpg © springerOver 400 titles in 2016

The Springer Physics and Astronomy collection offers cutting-edge research, topical reviews and rapid communications on the latest developments. The collection is the largest in these fields of study and Springer counts many Nobel Laureates among its Physics and Astronomy authors and editors. 

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Professional and Applied Computing

A_AppliedComputing_95x140px.jpg © Springer

Over 220 titles in 2016 

Springer eBooks for Professional and Applied Computing provide programmers, developers and business leaders with vital applied information they need to solve the problems they encounter every day. 

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Humanities and Social Sciences Collections

Behavioral Science and Psychology

A_Behavior_95x140px.jpg © SpringerOver 260 titles in 2016

Topics covered by the Springer Behavioral Science and Psychology collection include psychotherapy and psychology, women’s health, and cognitive behavioral therapy.

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Business and Management

A_BusinessManagement_95x140px.jpg © SpringerOver 430 titles in 2016

The Springer Business and Management eBook collection offers top class content in topics such as Accounting, Auditing & Taxation, Business Information Systems, Entrepreneurship, Marketing and Statistics for Business.

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Economics and Finance

A_EconomicFinance_95x140px.jpg © springerOver 480 titles in 2016

Our economic system is vital to ensure growth, stability and prosperity. With turbulent economic times giving way to an uncertain future in many parts of the world, it is imperative that researchers and economists have access to up-to-date knowledge that supports progression in Economics and Finance.

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A_Education_95x140px.jpg © springerOver 450 titles in 2016

Whether it is Adult Education, Arts Education, Education Policy and Politics or Philosophy of Education, the Springer eBook collection in Education touches the lives of everyone on the planet. Springer for Education is a growing collection that presents the latest research, essential handbooks and introductory texts, and monographs.

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A_History_95x140px.jpg © springerOver 230 titles in 2016

Ranging from antiquity to the present and covering every part of the world, Palgrave Macmillan's comprehensive history eBook collections include award-winning research titles and cutting-edge edited volumes.

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Law and Criminology

A_Law_95x140px.jpg © springerOver 250 titles in 2016

The Springer eBook collection in Law and Criminology brings together innovative scholarship on law, criminology and criminal justice, with books that range from research monographs to general interest titles.

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Literature, Cultural and Media Studies

A_Culture_95x140px.jpg © springerOver 500 titles in 2016

The new Springer eBooks collection in Literature, Cultural and Media Studies starting in 2016. This new collection consists of books from the Palgrave imprint, one of the leading publishers in the areas of Literature, Theatre and Performance and Media and Culture.

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Political Science and International Studies

A_PoliticalScience_95x140px.jpg © springerOver 410 titles in 2016

The Political Science and International Relations collection is a new package, starting with the copyright year 2016. Within this collection you will find an outstanding selection of books covering the breadth of Political Science, Public Policy, Political Theory and Psychology.

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Philosophy and Religion

A_Philosophy_95x140px.jpg © springerOver 320 titles in 2016

Springer is proud to announce the new Springer eBooks collection in Philosophy and Religion starting in 2016. This new collection consisting of books from both the Springer as well as the Palgrave imprint, in the areas Epistemology & Philosophy of Science, Ethics, Philosophical Traditions and Value Theory.

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Social Sciences

A_SocialSciences_95x140px.jpg © springerOver 560 titles in 2016

The Social Sciences collection is a new package, starting with the copyright year 2016. Books published prior to 2016 in Social Sciences are available through the Springer Humanities and Social Science collection and in addition the Palgrave Social Sciences collection.

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Collections in Other Languages



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Technik & Informatik

360 titel

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Natur- und Basiswissenschaften incl. Mathematik

265 titel

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Sozialwissenschaften und Recht

705 titel
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Palgrave Connect titles move to SpringerLink

As a result of the merger between Springer and Macmillan, starting copyright year 2016, the Springer eBook collections will change its package offering with 10 additional eBook packages, specifically in the humanities, social sciences and business, management and finance disciplines.

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All eBooks collections contain textbooks, proceedings, series, reference works and briefs.

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