Services, Society & Partner Zone Issue 20

Springer’s new SEO Health Check service

Springer’s new SEO Health Check service reviews your site from an SEO perspective and suggests ways in which it can be improved to maximize its visibility. The service includes:

An analysis to determine if search engines can find and read the content on your website – e.g. reviewing usage of flash and other non-text content (this is often ignored by search engines so key content should be included in HTML), use of javascript links, correct structure of crawling directives (robots.txt) and more.

A check of your site’s most common SEO problems including:

  • Duplicate content issues – search engines look for original content so including duplicate versions of the same page can create problems.
  • Readable text
  • Consistent and accurate redirects of pages
  • Accurate internal links
  • Alt tag usage

Web crawler reports on SEO on-page factors for the first 1500 pages of your site, including:

  • Consistency in use of page titles and metadata descriptions
  • Usage of HX
  • Number and accuracy of internal links

We can also help you improve your Twitter presence by analysing your Twitter followers and listing your top influencers. This analysis includes:

  • Identifying the social authority of your followers, by assigning a rating of between 1 to 100 to indicate your follower’s influence and engagement on Twitter. The higher the score, the greater the influential activity of that user;
  • Segmentation of your followers by location, biography and who they follow to help you target new influencers.

Following the completion of the review, we will provide you with a report and recommendations.

The service is carried out by Springer’s resident SEO expert, Paul den Breejen. Paul has been with Springer since 2001. He initially joined as webmaster with responsibility for maintaining and programming websites and moved to his role as SEO Manager in 2011.

If you would like to learn more about how the SEO Health Check can benefit you, please contact your Society & Partner Marketing Team.