Society & Partner Zone Issue 16, Social Media, Services

PostMe! A Social Media Service from Springer

Looking to implement social media this year? Or do you already have a facebook or twitter account – but could use some interesting posts? Read on!

PostMe! is a new service to help our society customers and publishing partners raise their profiles amongst their online community. A “PostMe!” is a short, Twitter-friendly news feed which is ready for dissemination across your social media channels. We are pleased to say that already 50 of our partners have signed up to receive PostMe! emails.

Why would this service be of interest to my society?

The Post Me! service provides an excellent way of encouraging more visitors to your website, Facebook or Twitter page. And of course, the more active you are on your website and social media accounts, the more awareness you can generate for your society / organization which in turn leads to greater interest in your activities and publications. We recognize that keeping your social media posts fresh and interesting can be a time-consuming process. So to help ease your workload, we developed the Post Me! concept to supply partners with ready-made feeds which can be copied and pasted to social media accounts.

How does PostMe! work?

We send short e-mail messages to the webmaster of societies and publishing partners that have signed up to receive the PostMe! feeds. The feeds are sent on a monthly basis and include a message which the webmaster can directly post to your social media accounts. We also automatically upload your social media links to your journal’s product page on to help raise your profile.

How can I sign up to the PostMe! service?

If you would like to participate in the service, simply contact your Springer Editor or the Society & Partner Marketing Team with the following information:


  • Your Society name
  • Contact name(s), title, and email address
  • Which social media/networking accounts you maintain (facebook, twitter, linkedin, xing, blog, etc.)