Marketing, Society & Partner Zone Issue 21

Marketing corner


In this issue’s marketing corner, we wanted to tell you about a nifty piece of software that is freely available for you to use, and which helps you capture insight from your readers about your journal.

Qualaroo is market research software that lets you engage with visitors to your journal site, even if you do not have their email addresses. The software is accessible across devices – desktop, tablet or mobile – so you can engage with readers, regardless of how they choose to access your journal.

Through Springer, our publishing partners have access to Qualaroo Insights and we would like to encourage you to make use of this resource. It’s really simple to use and you don’t have to ask everyone who visits your journal the same set of questions!

The software lets you choose when and how you target your readers, for example you might want to capture feedback from visitors who have accessed your site for the third time, or who have read more than 2 articles in any one session.

As with other market survey software, Qualaroo includes intelligent question branching so you can route visitors to different questions depending on their responses, helping you to gauge deeper insight into why particular choices are made or views are held. Qualaroo also includes a library of sample questions to help you choose the right question for your needs.

To learn more about Qualaroo, please contact us.

Citation alert

Thanks to the information we receive from, an article’s corresponding author will be alerted as soon as his/her paper is cited by another article.

If they prefer, authors may go to their My Springer account and opt to receive weekly, monthly or annual alerts listing all citations in a single mail.
A few more facts about the Citation Alert service:

  • CrossRef is the only source of information used for this service.
  • Springer notifies CrossRef within 24 hours of when a new article is published.
  • Thanks to the information we receive from, the article’s author will be alerted as soon as his/her paper is cited by another article.
  • New citations from Springer articles in other Springer articles will usually be alerted within 48 hours and the alert is sent immediately after Springer receives the data from CrossRef.
  • The alert is hyperlinked to both the cited and the citing article (full text access depends on the reader’s license for Springer’s and the citing publisher’s content).

However, as the time for data transfer from the citing publisher to CrossRef varies greatly (from ca. 2-4 days up to ca. 2 months) the alert service cannot operate in real-time.

Citation Alert

Tracking citations for journals and books

View the complete citation profile of any Springer book chapter or journal article — including links to reach the citing works online (both inside and outside of Springer's collection).

Are you a journal or series editor? You can check on the cited articles and chapters within your series or journal and get an up-to-date impression of how your publication has been received.