Open Access, Society & Partner Zone Issue 16

Introducing SpringerPlus

We've been providing open access publishing since the launch of Springer Open Choice in 2004.
This year we're excited about the launch of SpringerPlus , our first open access journal with a broad interdisciplinary approach accepting high-quality research across all areas of Science, Technology and Medicine (STM).

SpringerPlus joins our portfolio of over 300 open access journals, including both SpringerOpen and BioMed Central publications.

For authors publishing their findings is an essential part of research and we believe there should be as little barriers as possible. However, sometimes the road to publication can be a little rocky, and too often it takes a lot of time, effort and several lengthy resubmissions before an article is accepted, particularly when the paper you are publishing is from an emerging area of research or falls between the scopes of two different journals.

Springer’s new open access journal SpringerPlus helps to bridge this gap.
All manuscripts that meet the necessary scientific criteria as determined by peer review will be accepted immediately for publication, without major revision. Additionally, SpringerPlus accepts a range of data formats, including audiovisual, data reports, and extensive tables as either complete articles or part of the paper.

As with all Springer open access journals, SpringerPlus is published under the Creative Commons Attribution License, ensuring that authors retain copyright and that content is freely and immediately available to anyone who wishes to access it.

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