Cahn Prize - A prestigious prize for researchers in materials science

The Journal of Materials Science is proud to award the Cahn Prize for materials research. The winner will be announced at the MRS Fall conference.

The 2021 monthly finalists' papers are free to read below.

Cahn Prize

The Cahn Prize is named in honor of the Journal’s founding editor, the late Professor Robert Wolfgang Cahn.

Each month the Editors select a paper published in that month’s issues via a rigorous nomination and voting procedure. The winning paper is selected from the twelve finalists by a separate panel of distinguished materials scientists. 

The authors of the winning paper receive an award of $5,000.

You can read more research at the Journal of Materials Science.

All the twelve finalists will be recognized and the winner of the 2021 Journal of Materials Science Robert W. Cahn Best Paper Prize (the Cahn Prize) will be officially announced in December 2021.

The 2021 finalists' papers

Read the Cahn Finalists 2020 FREE below


In situ X-ray measurements over large Q-space to study the evolution of oxide thin films prepared by RF sputter deposition

P. Walter, J. Wernecke, M. Scholz, D. Reuther, A. Rothkirch, D. Haas, J. Blume, A. Resta, A. Vlad, O. Faley, S. Schipmann, A. Nent, O. Seeck, A.-C. Dippel & U. Klemradt 


Conductive and adhesive gluten ionic skin for eco-friendly strain sensor

Xiangsheng Han, Wenyu Lu, Wenfan Yu, Hang Xu, Shuyan Bi & Hongzhen Cai 


Dislocation-based crack initiation and propagation in single-crystal SrTiO3Xiangsheng Han, Wenyu Lu, Wenfan Yu, Hang Xu, Shuyan Bi & Hongzhen Cai 

Xufei Fang, Kuan Ding, Christian Minnert, Atsutomo Nakamura & Karsten Durst 


Particle curvature effects on microstructural evolution during solid-state sintering: phenomenological insights from phase-field simulations

Deep Choudhuri & Logan Blake 


Porous spinel-type (Al₀.₂CoCrFeMnNi)₀.₅₈O₄-δ high-entropy oxide as a novel high-performance anode material for lithium-ion batteries

Hou-Zheng Xiang, Hong-Xiang Xie, Yu-Xue Chen, Hui Zhang, Aiqin Mao & Cui-Hong Zheng


Optical temperature sensing based on upconversion nanoparticles with enhanced sensitivity via dielectric superlensing modulation

Mei Lin, Shengbin Cheng, Xiaofeng Wu, Shiping Zhan & Yunxin Liu #


Rheology of cellulose nanofibrils and silver nanowires for the development of screen-printed antibacterial surfaces

Hugo Spieser, Alexandre Jardin, Davide Deganello, David Gethin, Julien Bras & Aurore Denneulin


Electrodeposition of palladium-dotted nickel nanowire networks as a robust self-supported methanol electrooxidation catalyst

Tim Boettcher, Sasho Stojkovikj, Prashant Khadke, Ulrike Kunz, Matthew T. Mayer, Christina Roth, Wolfang Ensinger & Falk Muench

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