Cahn Prize - A prestigious prize for researchers in materials science

The Journal of Materials Science is proud to award the Cahn Prize for materials research. The winner will be announced at the MRS Fall conference.

The 2020 monthly finalists' papers are free to read below.

Cahn Prize

The Cahn Prize is named in honor of the Journal’s founding editor, the late Professor Robert Wolfgang Cahn.

Each month the Editors select a paper published in that month’s issues via a rigorous nomination and voting procedure. The winning paper is selected from the twelve finalists by a separate panel of distinguished materials scientists. 

The authors of the winning paper receive an award of $5,000.

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The winner of the 2020 Journal of Materials Science Robert W. Cahn Best Paper Prize (the Cahn Prize) is our February finalist:

Highly stretchable, breathable and negative resistance variation textile strain sensor with excellent mechanical stability for wearable electronics 

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The 2020 finalists' papers

Read the Cahn Finalists 2020 FREE below


Automated segmentation of computed tomography images of fiber-reinforced composites by deep learning

Aly Badran, David Marshall, Zacharie Legault, Ruslana Makovetsky, Benjamin Provencher, Nicolas Piché & Mike Marsh 


Bioinspired composites reinforced with ordered steel fibers produced via a magnetically assisted 3D printing process

Yunhai Ma, Qian Wu, Lingjian Duanmu, Siyang Wu, Qingping Liu, Bingqian Li & Xueli Zhou 


Understanding the effect of water transport on the thermal expansion properties of the perovskites BaFe₀.₆Co₀.₃Nb₀.₁O₃₋δ and BaCo₀.₇Yb₀.₂Bi₀.₁O₃₋δ

Artur Jacek Majewski, Peter Raymond Slater & Robert Steinberger-Wilckens


Dissolution and precipitation of copper-rich phases during heating and cooling of precipitation-hardening steel X5CrNiCuNb16-4 (17-4 PH)

Christian Rowolt, Benjamin Milkereit, Armin Springer, Carsten Kreyenschulte & Olaf Kessler


Flexible, wearable microfluidic contact lens with capillary networks for tear diagnostics

Xing Yang, Hongyi Yao, Gangnan Zhao, Guillermo A. Ameer, Wei Sun, Jian Yang & Shengli Mi


Understanding of scanning-system distortions of atomic-scale scanning transmission electron microscopy images for accurate lattice parameter measurements

Syota Fujinaka, Yukio Sato, Ryo Teranishi & Kenji Kaneko


Imaging of boron distribution in steel with neutron radiography and tomography 

Nicolás Di Luozzo, Michael Schulz & Marcelo Fontana


Significant ion conduction in Cu acceptor-substituted bismuth titanate polycrystalline ceramics

Changbai Long, Tao Du & Wei Ren 


Coherent phase decomposition in the Pd–H system

R. B. Schwarz, A. K. Khachaturyan, A. Caro, M. I. Baskes & E. Martinez 


Stretchable, self-healable, and reprocessable chemical cross-linked ionogels electrolytes based on gelatin for flexible supercapacitors

Jiahang Liu, Hongzan Song, Zihao Wang, Jianxin Zhang, Jun Zhang, Xinwu Ba


Highly stretchable, breathable and negative resistance variation textile strain sensor with excellent mechanical stability for wearable electronics 

Kai ZhaoWenbin Niu, Shufen Zhang


Superhydrophilic–superhydrophobic patterned surfaces on glass substrate for water harvesting 

Jichao Zhang, Faze ChenYao, LuZhongtao Zhang, Jiyu Liu, Yang Chen, Xin Liu, Xiaolong Yang, Claire J. Carmalt

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