World Diabetes Day 2017

AdobeStock_142988831 © ITTIPHON / stock.adobe.comWorld Diabetes Day was launched in 1991 by the International Diabetes Federation (IDF) and the World Health Organization (WHO) in response to the rapid rise of diabetes around the world. This year’s theme is "Women and Diabetes - our right to a healthy future" and will promote the importance of affordable and equitable access for all women at risk for or living with diabetes.

To mark this occasion, you are invited to view a special collection of diabetes articles selected by our Editors. All articles are either open access or free to view until November 30th.  If you are interested in books, check out some recent titles. We hope to expand your knowledge on this important topic and encourage you to share with your colleagues.

We are celebrating World Diabetes Day together with Nature Research and BioMed Central. Click the links to explore their special content, too, and tweet us your thoughts at #WDD17

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