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iStock-831023822 © frank600 / Getty Images / iStockThe neglected tropical diseases (NTDs) are a group of viral, bacterial, fungal, ectoparasitic, helminth and protozoal diseases that mainly affect poor individuals living in remote rural and deprived urban settings in the tropics and subtropics. The WHO prioritizes 20 neglected tropical diseases.
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From the Series Editor of Neglected Tropical Diseases Book Series

Peter J Hotez © SpringerThe new Springer Series reflects a growing awareness that those disease designated by the World Health Organization as neglected tropical diseases (NTDs) usually vary greatly by geographic region.  For example, schistosomiasis is the predominant NTD in Sub-Saharan Africa where it accounts for greater than 90 percent of the global disease burden, whereas it is only present in much smaller foci in the Americas, East Asia and the Middle East.  Similarly, the transmission of food-borne trematode infections is highest in East Asia, while Chagas disease is mostly found in the Americas.  Onchocerciasis, loiasis, human African trypanosomiasis are exclusive to the African continent.  

This Springer Series highlights the geographic and regional differences among the NTDs, with a specific volume devoted to almost every part of the world.  Our series taps regional experts who can do a deep dive on how these disease affects impoverished populations.  Still another aspect is how the Springer series brings to light the ways in which NTDs in a given region are affected by social determinants such as poverty, conflict, and human movements, as well as by climate change.  The result is a profound yet highly nuanced series of volumes that provide the reader with unprecedented access to global variation of the NTDs, arguably the most common infections of people who live under duress.  

Peter J Hotez MD PhD
Professor and Dean, National School of Tropical Medicine
Texas Children’s Hospital Endowed Chair of Tropical Pediatrics
Baylor College of Medicine 
University Professor, Baylor University

Neglected Tropical Diseases Book Series

11165 © Springer

Browse titles in this series covering various geographical regions.  

  ≫ Middle East and North Africa  (Browse eBook | Most popular chapter)
  Latin America and the Caribbean  (Browse eBook | Most popular chapter)
  Sub-Saharan Africa  (Browse eBook | Most popular chapter)
  Oceania  (Browse eBook | Most popular chapter)
  South Asia – Forthcoming (March 2018)

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© Springer

Kenneth Warren and the Great Neglected Diseases of Mankind Programme 
The Transformation of Geographical Medicine in the US and Beyond

  • Tells the story of a powerful figure in twentieth century medicine, whose work transformed public health policy and tropical medicine
  • Includes personal interviews with both Warren’s detractors and supporters to reconstruct his life and work in an original and innovative way
  • Provides a compelling narrative for the way current medical research, funding, and healthcare are conducted across the globe
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© Springer

Kala Azar in South Asia – Current Status and Sustainable Challenges

  • A much-anticipated second edition of the popular title
  • Provides strategies for the eradication of Visceral Leishmaniasis
  • Complete with updated knowledge and real-world information
  • Covers basic, clinical, epidemiological and entomological aspects
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© Springer

Chikungunya Virus – Methods and Protocols

  • Covers multidisciplinary approaches on various aspects of Chikungunya Virus (CHIKV) research that was brought together from leading laboratories across the globe
  • Includes techniques in clinical and diagnostic virology, basic protocols in cell and virus culture, bioinformatics, and proteomics approaches in cellular response studies
  • Published from the highly successful Methods in Molecular Biology series
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© Springer

Digenetic Trematodes

  • Covers the trematodes of interest in human and animal health comprehensively
  • Updates the current status of knowledge on the trematodiases that covers novel techniques
  • Provides comprehensive material for researchers, clinicians, veterinarians, biologists and pre and post-graduate students
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© Springer

Helminth Infections and their Impact on Global Public Health

  • Gives an up-date overview to the epidemiology, specific biological, immunological and immunopathological aspects, diagnosis and perspectives of control of the most common helminth infections
  • Refers to individual helminth infections and their specific aspects in biology, epidemiology and resulting health issues in humans
  • Highlights the importance of so far neglected infections
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© Springer

Pathogenesis of Leishmaniasis – New Developments in Research

  • Addresses the most recent developments in the understanding of leishmaniasis
  • Uses information gained from the sequencing of the leishmania genome to assess the host-immune response
  • Focus is primarily on the most recent basic research, but also considers how to apply the knowledge gained to prevention, control and treatment of this neglected tropical disease
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© Springer

Dengue – Methods and Protocols

  • Offers the increasing number of dengue researchers a one-stop protocol book with techniques compiled from the leading laboratories working on dengue
  • Covers topics such as dengue virus isolation from clinical samples, quantification of human antibodies against the virus, assays to quantify the virus particles, the widely used mouse model to study dengue pathogenesis, vaccine and antiviral efficacies
  • Published from the highly successful Methods in Molecular Biology series
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© Springer

Parasites and their vectors – A special focus on Southeast Asia

  • Includes​ specific regional information about parasites and their vectors in Southeast Asia, a hotspot region for parasitic diseases
  • Comprehensive information on the topic
  • Up-to-date knowledge with regional recommendations
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© Springer

Forthcoming: Medical Parasitology – A Textbook (January 2018)

  • Deals with all aspects of medical parasitology in an easy-to-understand manner
  • Offers a collection of detailed medical case reports from first hand experiences from the authors and colleagues
  • Provides examples of test questions and scenarios for the reader
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