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We are pleased to announce that we are supporting DNA Day 2017 on April 25. This annual event commemorates the discovery of DNA's double helix back in 1953 and celebrates the completion of the Human Genome Project in 2003. 

To mark this day, we invite you to explore our collection of key genetics articles carefully selected from Springer’s broad portfolio of biomedicine and life sciences journals. If you are interested in books, take a look at our list of recent titles.

+++ We are celebrating DNA Day together with Nature Research and BioMed Central. Click the links to explore their special content, too, and tweet us your thoughts at #SN_DNADay! +++

Human Genetics


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All articles on this page have been made freely available until May 31, 2017. Open access articles are freely available online on a permanent basis.

Plant Genetics


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Discover the latest scientific research on genetics and related topics across our extensive range of quality peer-reviewed, open-access journals. You can also test your knowledge with this DNA Day quiz!

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