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© SpringerComparable characterizations of four solutions for permission tree games

Economic Theory

© SpringerBounded and discrete data and Likert scales in data envelopment analysis: application to regional energy efficiency in China

Annals of Operations Research

© SpringerMarketized state ownership and foreign expansion of emerging market multinationals: Leveraging institutional competitive advantages

Asia Pacific Journal of Management

© SpringerSupply chain risk analysis with mean-variance models: a technical review

Annals of Operations Research

© SpringerAntecedents of Abusive Supervision: a Meta-analytic Review

Journal of Business Ethics

© SpringerMulti-period risk minimization purchasing models for fashion products with interest rate, budget, and profit target considerations

Annals of Operations Research

© SpringerTrust Evolvement in Hybrid Team Collaboration: A Longitudinal Case Study

Group Decision and Negotiation

© SpringerSustainability investment under cap-and-trade regulation

Annals of Operations Research

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© SpringerTheories of the (state-owned) firm

Asia Pacific Journal of Management

© SpringerThe Influence of Environmental Management Systems on Financial Performance: A Moderated-Mediation Analysis

Journal of Business Ethics

© SpringerCorrelation structure and principal components in the global crude oil market

Empirical Economics

© SpringerDoes Moral Leadership Enhance Employee Creativity? Employee Identification with Leader and Leader–Member Exchange (LMX) in the Chinese Context

Journal of Business Ethics

© SpringerCEO Gender, Ethical Leadership, and Accounting Conservatism

Journal of Business Ethics

© SpringerAggregation-robustness and model uncertainty of regulatory risk measures

Finance and Stochastics

© SpringerMapping the field of family business research: past trends and future directions

International Entrepreneurship and Management Journal

© SpringerLinking Market Orientation and Environmental Performance: The Influence of Environmental Strategy, Employee’s Environmental Involvement, and Environmental Product Quality

Journal of Business Ethics

© SpringerAnalysis of Carbon Emissions and Their Influence Factors Based on Data from Anhui of China

Computational Economics

© SpringerThe challenges of personal data markets and privacy

Electronic Markets

© SpringerCrossing the river by feeling the stones: the case of carbon trading in China

Environmental Economics and Policy Studies

© SpringerGroup Decision Making with Incomplete Interval-Valued Intuitionistic Preference Relations

Group Decision and Negotiation
© SpringerCorporate social responsibility and firm performance: The mediating role of marketing competence and the moderating role of market environment

Asia Pacific Journal of Management

© SpringerHow the Market Values Greenwashing? Evidence from China

Journal of Business Ethics

© SpringerA decision support system to select suppliers for a sustainable supply chain based on a systematic DEA approach

Information Technology and Management

© SpringerMeasuring Environmental Performance Under Regional Heterogeneity in China: A Metafrontier Efficiency Analysis

Computational Economics

© SpringerLeadership Experience Meets Ownership Structure: Returnee Managers and Internationalization of Emerging Economy Firms

Management International Review

© SpringerThe impact of small- and medium-sized family firms on economic growth

Small Business Economics

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