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© SpringerCell Analysis on Microfluidics

Read Free Chapter: Biomaterial-Based Microfluidics for Cell Culture and Analysis

© SpringerMembrane Biophysics

Read Free Chapter: Lipid Cubic Phase for Membrane Protein X-ray Crystallography

© SpringerBiosensors Based on Sandwich Assays

Read Free Chapter: Sandwich Assays Based on SPR, SERS, GMR, QCM, Microcantilever, SAW, and RRS Techniques for Protein Detection

© SpringerPhotocatalysis

Read Free Chapter: Roles and Properties of Cocatalysts in Semiconductor-Based Materials for Efficient CO 2 Photoreduction

© SpringerTargeting Protein-Protein Interactions by Small Molecules

Read Free Chapter: Small Molecule Inhibitors Targeting New Targets of Protein-Protein Interactions

© SpringerDownload Free Paper: Growth of SnO2 Nanoflowers on N-doped Carbon Nanofibers as Anode for Li- and Na-ion Batteries 


© SpringerDownload Free Paper: Synergistic effect of fluorination on both donor and acceptor materials for high performance non-fullerene polymer solar cells with 13.5% efficiency 


© SpringerDownload Free Paper: Excellent corrosion protection performance of epoxy composite coatings filled with silane functionalized silicon nitride 


© SpringerDownload Free Paper: Application of yolk-shell Fe3O4@N-doped carbon nanochains as highly effective microwave-absorption material 


© SpringerDownload Free Paper: A review on chemiresistive room temperature gas sensors based on metal oxide nanostructures, graphene and 2D transition metal dichalcogenides


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