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© SpringerCorrelation Structure and Evolution of World Stock Markets: Evidence from Pearson and Partial Correlation-Based Networks

Computational Economics

© SpringerOn the Value of Corporate Social Responsibility Disclosure: An Empirical Investigation of Corporate Bond Issues in China

Journal of Business Ethics

© SpringerPolitical Incentives and Local Policy Innovations in China

Journal of Chinese Political Science

© SpringerThe New, Green, Urbanization in China: Between Authoritarian Environmentalism and Decentralization

Chinese Political Science Review

© SpringerUnlocking the power of marketing: understanding the links between customer mindset metrics, behavior, and profitability

Journal of the Academy of Marketing Science

© SpringerEndogenous timing in private and mixed duopolies with emission taxes

Journal of Economics

© SpringerCorporate Board and Corporate Social Responsibility Assurance: Evidence from China

Journal of Business Ethics

© SpringerEnergy Efficiency Convergence in China: Catch-Up, Lock-In and Regulatory Uniformity

Environmental and Resource Economics

© SpringerRun away? Air pollution and emigration interests in China 

Journal of Population Economics

© SpringerThe linkages of sectoral carbon dioxide emission caused by household consumption in China: evidence from the hypothetical extraction method

Empirical Economics

© SpringerSite Visits, Policy Learning, and the Diffusion of Policy Innovation: Evidence from Public Bicycle Programs in China

Journal of Chinese Political Science

© SpringerMulti-layer affective computing model based on emotional psychology

Electronic Commerce Research

© SpringerEffects of County Public Hospital Reform on Procurement Costs and Volume of Antibiotics: A Quasi-Natural Experiment in Hubei Province, China


© SpringerEnvironmental Legitimacy, Green Innovation, and Corporate Carbon Disclosure: Evidence from CDP China 100

Journal of Business Ethics

© SpringerPolitical hazards and entry modes of Chinese investments in Africa

Asia Pacific Journal of Management


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Browse these highly cited, mentioned and downloaded books written by Chinese scholars.

© SpringerProceedings of the 21st International Symposium on Advancement of Construction Management and Real Estate

Free chapter: Application of Building Information Modeling (BIM) in Site Management—Material and Progress Control

© SpringerMethodology of Judicial Proof and Presumption

Free chapter: The Methods of Judicial Proof

© SpringerCities Network Along the Silk Road

Free chapter: Historical Evolution of the Ancient Silk Road

© SpringerA Discussion on Chinese Road of NGOs

Free chapter: Separation of Government Administration and NGO Management: Key to Deepening Innovations in Social Governance

© SpringerReform and Development of Agriculture in China

Free chapter: History of Chinese Agriculture Before Reform and Opening

© SpringerThe Modernization of China’s State Governance

Free chapter: Governance of China and the U.S.A.—A Comparison and Analysis

© SpringerModern Emergency Management

Free chapter: Emergency Management System

© SpringerThe Confucian Misgivings--Liang Shu-ming’s Narrative About Law

Free chapter: Social Structure: Lisu, Qingyi and Law

© SpringerDevelopment Report on China’s New Media

Free chapter: National Strategy: A New Stage in the Development of China’s New Media

© SpringerThe Cost of Development in China

Free chapter: Cost of Economic Transformation in China

© SpringerInvesting in China and Chinese Investment Abroad

Free chapter: Chinese Investment in Africa

© SpringerCapital Markets Trading and Investment Strategies in China

Free chapter: Macro Economics, Monetary Cycle, Industry Cycle, Monetary Condition, Supply and Demand

© SpringerLegislation of Tort Liability Law in China

Free chapter: The General Provision of the Tort Liability Law

© SpringerFiscal Underpinnings for Sustainable Development in China

Free chapter: Involving the Private Sector and PPPs in Financing Public Investments: Some Opportunities and Challenges

© SpringerChina’s Population Aging and the Risk of ‘Middle-income Trap'

Free chapter: Population Aging and Economic Growth

AdobeStock_128752442 (2) © Trifonenko Ivan / stock.adobe.com

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