China's Population in Focus

In Oct 2015, China has decided to end its decades-long one-child policy to cope with looming demographic problems, in terms of low fertility, gender discrepancy and rapid ageing population. Check out the key titles, chapters and freely accessible journal articles on recent demographic studies in China's population.

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Leana Li received her Bachelor and Master degree in Sociology from Peking University, China, and her Ph.D degree from Loughborough University, UK. Currently, Leana is Executive Editor Social Sciences and Humanities based in the SpringerNature Beijing office. Her responsibilities include supervising the Springer and Palgrave editorial team in Beijing and Shanghai, covering social sciences, education, law and humanities in Mainland China and Asia Pacific area, as well as developing the book and journal program in social sciences in China. She is in close working relationship with Chinese scholars studying demography and related topics, including population studies, migration, aging, family studies etc. Look forward to supporting you in publishing your distinguished work!

Featured Articles and Special Issue

Household changes in contemporary China: an analysis based on the four recent censuses
An apocalyptic vision of ageing in China
Fertility Intention, Son Preference, and Second Childbirth: Survey Findings from Shaanxi Province of China
Economic and Social Consequences of Population Aging the Dilemmas and Opportunities in the Twenty-First Century
Elderly Care and the One-Child Policy: Concerns, Expectations and Preparations for Elderly Life in a Rural Chinese Township
How do sex ratios in China influence marriage decisions and intra-household resource allocation?
Does the marriage market sex ratio affect parental sex selection? Evidence from the Chinese census
A Policy Analysis on Challenges and Opportunities of Population/Household Aging in China
The quality–quantity trade-off: evidence from the relaxation of China’s one-child policy
Aging population scenarios: an Australian experience
Declining fertility and policy intervention in Europe: Some lessons for Australia?
The Effect of Gender Policies on Fertility: The Moderating Role of Education and Normative Context
A Case for “Reverse One-Child” Policies in Japan and South Korea? Examining the Link Between Education Costs and Lowest-Low Fertility
A Multidimensional Approach in International Comparative Policy Analysis Based on Demographic Projections
The Impact of Migration on Fertility under China’s Underlying Restrictions: A Comparative Study Between Permanent and Temporary Migrants
Endogenous fertility, endogenous lifetime and economic growth: the role of child policies

Special Issue: Ageing and Intergenerational Relations in Contemporary Chinese Societies