The Sun Today

Claudio Vita-Finzi reviews current knowledge about the Sun for general readership with extensive reference lists

© SpringerAuthor: Vita-Finzi, Claudio   
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ISBN: 978-3-030-04078-9 (Softcover) 978-3-030-04079-6 (Online) 
DOI: 10.1007/978-3-030-04079-6

About this book:

There are several billion stars in the Milky Way galaxy. One of them is the middle-aged G2V yellow dwarf that rules our lives. The Sun Today discusses the Sun’s appearance and composition, its internal workings, and the various kinds of radiation it emits, and it puts forward a novel explanation for coronal heating. The book draws on the findings of telescopic observation, space missions, and technical and theoretical advances in many fields, and shows why we need to know more if we are to understand and manage our foothold in the Universe.

About the author:

Claudio Vita-Finzi was born in Sydney, Australia, and educated in Argentina and the UK (BSc, PhD, ScD were all obtained at Cambridge University). He taught Geology and Planetary Science at University College London before moving to the Natural History Museum where he has been Scientific Associate in the Department of Earth Sciences working on solar fluctuations since 2001. He was awarded the Warren Prize of the US Academy of Sciences in 1994 and was elected to the American Philosophical Society in 1997 and the British Academy in 2012. His books include The Mediterranean Valleys (1969), Recent Earth History (1973), Archaeological Sites (1978), Recent Earth Movements (1986), Monitoring the Earth (2002), Planetary Geology (2005), The Sun: A User's Manual (2008), Solar History (2012), and A History of the Solar System (2016), the last three published by Springer.