"The Structure and Evolution of the Sun" by Giuseppe Severino

New publication in Springer's Undergraduate Lecture Notes in Physics series

Author: Severino, Giuseppe 
Series: Undergraduate Lecture Notes in Physics 
© Springer International Publishing AG 2017 
ISBN: 978-3-319-64960-3 (Softcover) 978-3-319-64961-0 (eBook) 
DOI: 10.1007/978-3-319-64961-0


© SpringerThis book equips the reader with a coherent understanding of the structure of the Sun and its evolution and provides all the knowledge required to construct a simplified model of the Sun.

The early chapters cover key aspects of basic physics and describe the Sun’s size, mass, luminosity, and temperature. Using a semi-empirical approach, the structure of the present Sun is then modeled in detail, layer by layer, proceeding from the photosphere to the convection zone, radiation zone, and core. Finally, all stages of the Sun’s evolution, from its formation to the end of its life, are carefully explained.

The book is primarily intended for university students taking the initial steps in moving from physics to astrophysics. It includes worked exercises and problems to illustrate the concepts discussed, as well as additional problems for independent study. With the aim of helping the reader as much as possible, most of the mathematics required to use the book are provided in the text.