Solicitation of Ideas for Topical Collections of Solar Physics

© SpringerThe journal Solar Physics publishes one or two Topical Collections (TCs) per year dedicated to a focused topic, frequently with a small number of survey articles introducing regular unsolicited articles, all of which benefit from appearing together. Not infrequently, these stem from a monothematic conference or conferences, but all articles submitted for consideration for a TC are handled and refereed in the same way as regular research papers, and submissions not associated with the conference are actively solicited. The most recent TC is on "Earth-affection Solar Transients" (which is in the process of appearing). Note that in the past these were called Topical Issues, but Solar Physics has transitioned to "continuous publishing" as of the beginning of 2017, and articles appear online and in the next issue as soon as they are ready. Each article has identifying text on the first page associating it with the Topical Collection, and online searches for the Topical Collection return all articles.

To aid in our planning, we solicit statements of interest from potential Guest Editors of Topical Collections ( by 15 August.

John Leibacher, Cristina Mandrini, Lidia van Driel-Gesztelyi, Michael Wheatland