Solar Wind 15

First Announcement: Solar Wind 15, Brussels, Belgium, June 18–22, 2018


The tri-annual Solar Wind conference reaches the 15th edition and for this special occasion will convene in one of the most famous venues for physics conferences: the Hotel Metropole in Brussels, where the Solvay Conference of 1911 kicked-off modern physics.

The conference will cover all aspects of solar wind physics, with invited and contributed presentations that examine the current research and outline the future directions in all the relevant fields. In line with tradition, Solar Wind 15 will cover the following sessions:

  • Origin and acceleration of the solar wind close to the Sun
  • Solar wind evolution during its propagation in the heliosphere
  • Connection of CMEs and ICMEs
  • Suprathermal and energetic particles in the solar wind
  • Solar wind interaction with solar system objects and dust
  • Interaction of the solar wind with the interstellar medium
  • Current and future solar and heliospheric missions

But the 15th edition of Solar Wind comes also at the particular exciting time close to the launch date of the new missions Solar Orbiter and Parker Solar Probe: these missions will receive special attention in the program.

ABSTRACT SUBMISSION will soon open with a deadline of February 28, 2018.

CONTACTS General inquiries: giovanni.lapenta at

LOCAL COMMITTEE Giovanni Lapenta, Stefaan Poedts, Andrei Zhukov, Luciano Rodriguez, Viviane Pierrard, David Berghmans