Solar Physics: Topical Collection "Irradiance Variations of the Sun and Sun-like Stars"

© SpringerCall for letters of interest to contribute to special article collection

Dordrecht, 11 December 2018

We solicit articles for a Topical Collection of the journal Solar Physics entitled "Irradiance Variations of the Sun and Sun-like Stars” aimed at observing and modelling irradiance variations of the Sun and Sun-like stars and, in particular, at understanding the links between magnetic fields and the resulting solar and stellar variability. We especially welcome articles based on synergies between solar and stellar research. 

The Topical Collection is an outgrowth of the meetings:

This Topical Collection is not a conference proceedings, and it is not limited to contributions presented at the meetings. All submissions must be completed original articles that meet the regular quality of the journal. The Topical Collection will start off with three invited review articles summarizing the recent progress in i) solar irradiance measurements; ii) physics-based modelling of solar and stellar irradiance; and iii) understanding of the effects of solar and stellar variability on Earth climate and exoplanet environments, respectively.

Further information is available at, which will be updated as the Topical Collection proceeds.

Potential authors are asked to submit a letter of interest (LOI) with a tentative title, author list, and suggestions for reviewers by 15 February 2019 to The deadline for manuscript submission is 30 April 2019. 

For further information, and submission of statements of intent, please contact: John Leibacher (Solar Physics editor-in-chief), Greg Kopp (guest editor), Alexander Shapiro (guest editor).