Solar Physics: New Editorial Board

The journal Solar Physics welcomes recently elected editorial board members as advisers for the term 2018–2021 

  • Guillaume Aulanier, Meudon; 
  • Ed Cliver, Boulder; 
  • Ineke De Moortel, St. Andrews; 
  • K.D. Leka, Boulder; 
  • Kazunari Shibata, Kyoto; 
  • Sami Solanki, Göttingen; 
  • Manuela Temmer, Graz; 
  • Mei Zhang, Beijing

Sarah Gibson, Boulder, has been elected and agreed to chair the board. 

Congratulations and welcome!

We thank the leaving members of 2017: Lyndsay Fletcher, Janet Luhmann, Karel Schrijver, and Dmitry Sokoloff.