Living Reviews in Solar Physics: "The evolution of the solar wind"

© SpringerVidotto, A.A. The evolution of the solar wind. Living Rev Sol Phys 18, 3 (2021).

Open Access | Review Article

Published: 26 April 2021


How has the solar wind evolved to reach what it is today? In this review, I discuss the long-term evolution of the solar wind, including the evolution of observed properties that are intimately linked to the solar wind: rotation, magnetism and activity. Given that we cannot access data from the solar wind 4 billion years ago, this review relies on stellar data, in an effort to better place the Sun and the solar wind in a stellar context. I overview some clever detection methods of winds of solar-like stars, and derive from these an observed evolutionary sequence of solar wind mass-loss rates. I then link these observational properties (including, rotation, magnetism and activity) with stellar wind models. I conclude this review then by discussing implications of the evolution of the solar wind on the evolving Earth and other solar system planets. I argue that studying exoplanetary systems could open up new avenues for progress to be made in our understanding of the evolution of the solar wind.