Must-Read Articles From 2015

Revealed comparative advantage and the alternatives as measures of international specialization

"This key article - already much cited in its working paper version - is proposing a new index of international specialization, so important to assess the relative position of a national economy in a globalizing world."

Economic growth versus climate balancing: some reflections on the sustainable management of forest resource in India

"Designing of a sustainable forest policy is of extreme importance in our present world where the process of rapid economic growth is causing imbalance in the climatic cycles by denying ecosystems sufficient time for adaptation and the socioeconomic systems adequate opportunity for mitigation. In this paper, the forests are considered highly resilient natural resource that plays a major role in reducing the impact of global climate change."

Evaluating the Office of Fair Trading’s ‘fee-paying schools’ intervention

"This is a very nice piece of empirical research in law and economics. It is not only an interesting article but also a good benchmark for teaching purposes in empirical legal studies and econometrics classes."

Sustainable development in EU law: still a long way to go

"It explores the concept of sustainable development within the context of EU. While EU laws have incorporated sustainable development as a fundamental objective it has a long way to go before it is effectively implemented. This article talks about the widening gap between policy and law. The critique provided in the article highlights the challenges in effectively implementing the goal of sustainable development. This can also be a learning for other countries."

Dynamic simulation of China’s carbon emission reduction potential by 2020

"Constructs a comprehensive dynamic simulation model to forecast China’s CO2 emissions and GDP development under different energy structure adjustment plans and carbon intensity constraints from 2008 to 2020."

Bayesian variable selection in multinomial probit model for classifying high-dimensional data

"Must-read article from the area of Computational Statistics with a potentially huge impact for biostatistics, genetics, and related fields."

Discussion of “Multivariate functional outlier detection”

"Must-read discussion for researchers working with functional data on how to detect outliers and perform robust statistical analysis."

A robust and informative method for solving large-scale power flow problems

"The article provides algorithms that are essential for the reliable and efficient operation of an electric power network."

Mean-Field-Game Model of Corruption

"Mean-field game theory yields a simple model of corruption with many (rational and myopic) agents and is used to explain how it spreads."

Case of less than two degrees of freedom, negative pressure, and the Fermi—Dirac distribution for a hard liquid

"Must-read mathematical foundation of the first discovered phase transition “liquid - amorphous solid'' at the temperature slightly less than the critical temperature which explains the astonishing fact that trees are resistant to frost in winter time."

The Digital Coral: Infrastructuring Environmental Monitoring

"An exciting study of collaboration technologies in underwater operations in the oil & gas industry for purposes of environmental protection."

Symmetry methods in mathematical biology

"Must-read survey on the study of mathematical methods (symmetries) in biology."