Must-Read Articles From 2015

Laccases for biorefinery applications: a critical review on challenges and perspectives

"Plants will be the future feedstock for chemicals instead of fossil resources but economical depolymerization of lignin remains challenging – this paper emphasizes the perspectives of enzymatic lignin degradation in biorefineries."

Modelling Gas Adsorption in Porous Solids: Roles of Surface Chemistry and Pore Architecture

"Decreasing carbon dioxide emission at source is one of the sustainability goals. Read this article to see how molecular modeling of porous solids helps in reaching it."

Fabrication and electrochemical behavior of a lithium-sulfur cell with a TiO2-sulfur-carbon aerogel-based cathode

"Lithium batteries become more and more important for energy storage in mobile and stationary applications. There is a need to improve the performance. This article shows a next generation cathode material and also shows an inexpensive technique of preparation."

Solid Oxide Fuel Cell Anode Materials

"The solid oxide fuel cell is a promising element that efficiently converts fuel chemical energy into electrical and thermal ones in an environmental, safe, and efficient manner."

A tree swaying in a turbulent wind: a scaling analysis

"Since damage from extreme weather events to high vegetation is largely due to turbulent flow in the tree crowns, understanding the details of these wind-induced forces can help us develop strategies to decrease the damage and plan for forest regrowth."

Nuclear-physical analysis methods in medical geology: Assessment of the impact of environmental factors on human health

"This paper evaluates the effect of environmental pollution on the health of children and preventive measures are proposed."

Evacuation of a Metro Train in an Underground Rail Transportation System: Flow Rate Capacity of Train Exits, Tunnel Walking Speeds and Exit Choice

"Safety of transport system is of paramount importance, and citizens of the modern world spend increasingly more time inside underground systems like tunnels, subways and metros. This paper studies how people react in case of evacuation which in turn helps us to improve emergency procedures."

A policy management game for mass casualty incidents: an experimental study

"An extremely powerful tool for health care policy makers to prepare for mass casualty accidents resulting from natural and technological desasters, terrorism etc."

A new concept for the safety of low-lying land areas from natural disasters

"Proposes the establishment of bases using floating structures to safeguard from natural disasters, especially from flooding caused by heavy rain, storm surges caused by typhoons, tsunamis, and earthquakes, to create an urban community base in man-made inlets and basins—an idea that enables the attainment of a prosperous and sustainable urban and rural environment in the long term."

Pilot scale autothermal gasification of coconut shell with CO2-O2 mixture

"Biomass is an important renewable energy, and the use of biomass gasification technology can achieve zero emissions of CO2, saving conventional energy sources. This paper explored the feasibility and benefit of CO2 utilization as gasifying agent in the autothermal gasification process. The results showed the potential of CO2-O2 gasification for producing high quality producer gas in an efficient manner."

A surface plasmon resonance imaging system for the stimulated living cell analysis

"Must-read advice for biological photonic researchers on cell analysis using a surface plasmon resonance imaging system."

Improvement of the Water Stability of Plasma Polymerized Acrylic Acid/MBA Coatings Deposited by Atmospheric Pressure Air Plasma Jet

"A simple and inexpensive method to deposit water-stable polymer coatings for biomedical applications."

Estimation of the energy spectrums of reflections in pulse doppler weather radars. Part 1. Modifications of the spectral estimation algorithms

"Must-read review proposes a unified approach to build new weather radars with more accurate properties than before."

Regenerative Engineering: Approaches to Limb Regeneration and other grand challenges

"Must read article on "Regenerative Engineering", the exciting new field which presents the prospect of regenerating new limbs in humans. "

The Solar Probe Plus Mission: Humanity’s First Visit to Our Star

"The Solar Probe Plus mission is an extraordinary and historic mission. This mission will explore the most important region of the solar system to be visited by a spacecraft and will answer top-priority science questions."