Must-Read Articles From 2015

Saving the World, or Saving One Life at a Time?

"Doctors without Borders represents a world-wide movement to attend to the ill and injured under dangerous conditions. This article describes its mission from one of its leaders, Dr. Sophie Delaunay."

Living Without Economic Assets: Livelihoods of Liberian Refugees in the Buduburam Camp, Ghana

"Much attention has been placed on the Syrian refugee crisis, and for good reason. However, there are millions of other refugees who live in vulnerable situations worldwide. This is an important article outlining the living conditions of refugees living in Ghana."

Studying Disability Trends in Aging Populations

"Based on comprehensive reviews of current disability and aging research, the authors propose an expanded conceptual framework to study global disability trends."

Protecting Assets for the Most Vulnerable: the Potential for Asset-Based Interventions

"Must-read information about asset-building interventions for poverty-impacted vulnerable groups in Sub-Saharan Africa."

Unilateral Forgiveness and the Task of Reconciliation

"Forgiveness is required to overcome many conflicts. Here's why scepticism about this idea is not ill-founded."

Japanese Perceptions of Territorial Disputes: Opinion Poll Surveys in the Southwestern Part of Japan

"Vigorous and original research methodology integrating domestic perception with regional international relations."

Ricochet: How Elite Discourse Politicizes Racial and Ethnic Identities

"An important contribution for understanding how political languages devaluing Latinos actually generates mobilization and political engagement among Latinos."

Reflections on institutional boundary work and boundary crossing: prison, free society, and prisoner reentry

"A new branch of Anthropology: prisoner reentry and migration between free society and incarceration."

Populations and Climatic Evolution in North Tropical Africa from the End of the Neolithic to the Dawn of the Modern Era

"A masterful synthesis of decades of existing research, with a great deal of new climate data for tropical West Africa from the Atlantic to Lake Chad."

Facing food insecurity in Africa: Why, after 30 years of work in organic agriculture, I am promoting the use of synthetic fertilizers and herbicides in small-scale staple crop production

"This paper offers a clear and balanced proposal for improving food security in Africa."

Resilience in Pre-Columbian Caribbean House-Building: Dialogue Between Archaeology and Humanitarian Shelter

"This paper responds to questions posed by archaeologists and engineers in the humanitarian sector about relationships between shelter, disasters and resilience."

Discourse Through the Looking Glass: Gender in the Language of Archaeological Journals

"This article is dealing with is an important issue that is reflecting not only the reflection of gender in social archaeology but also in our present society. The impact of this article reaches well beyond archaeology and makes readers to think about our current social relations and representation of gender in contemporary life. The perception of the gender issues is very fresh and modern. You must read it!"

Critique of Practical Archaeology: Underwater Cultural Heritage and Best Practices

"This article takes a hard look at what has been planned in regards to Underwater Cultural Heritage management in Italy and what the realities are on the ground - what is working and what isn't. It offers an achievable, structured program for the management of underwater cultural resources within a Sardinian perspective. An excellent article that will be helpful to UCH managers and planners in any country."

Religion, Violence, and Emotion: Modes of Religiosity in the Neolithic and Bronze Age of Northern China

"A paradigm-changing study of ancient China reveals the brutal reality of a different past, shifting focus away from prestige artefacts onto prestige human sacrifice."

The Effect of Police Body-Worn Cameras on Use of Force and Citizens’ Complaints Against the Police: A Randomized Controlled Trial

"The issue of police violence has become a critical one for government and citizens in the US and elsewhere. A key question is whether the use of body worn cameras can reduce police violence and complaints against the police. This study shows using an innovative experimental design that both goals can be achieved. This is a must read for everyone concerned with improving policing and reducing police violence."

Training police for procedural justice

"Police who are trained to give citizens a voice and treat them with dignity and respect will better serve those communities."

Loving the Green-Eyed Monster: Development and Exploration of the Jealousy is Good Scale

"Do “bad guys” always finish first? New empirical research about the desirability and implications of partner jealousy and traditional norms of masculinity."

Gender Equality and Climate Justice: A Cross-National Analysis

"A cross-national study about the mechanisms driving and mitigating global warming which is a topic of growing significance in global social justice."

Dance and Aging: A Critical Review of Findings in Neuroscience

"This review begins to address the direct effects of dance interventions on neurobiological changes in the elderly."

Looking for the Silver Lining: Benefit Finding After Hurricanes Katrina and Rita in Middle-Aged, Older, and Oldest-Old Adults

"This article deals with elderly adults and natural disasters. Both are on the increase with regard to numbers of elderly living longer and world-wide increases in natural disasters. This article shows how both can co-exist. An important article for those who study the resiliency of aging."

Ethical Issues in Geropsychology: Clinical and Forensic Perspectives

"Important article for treating the elderly."

“To Forgive is to be Sane and Realistic”: Contributions of REBT to the Psychology of Forgiving

"Forgiveness can be enhanced through rational-emotive behavior therapy (REBT), which makes this a significant article, given the current degree of hate in the world."

Coping with Job Loss and Reemployment: A Two-Wave Study

Which Psychological Factors are Related to HIV Testing? A Quantitative Systematic Review of Global Studies

Peer Victimization, Depressive Symptoms, and Rule-Breaking Behavior in Adolescence: The Moderating Role of Peer Social Support

"The Cooley and colleagues article was chosen because it examines not only the relations between variables but also the interaction between key research variables. In the US, and across the globe, bullying is a major concern. The Cooley and associates paper shows that peer social support buffers or protects against relational victimization in a primarily minority sample. Low social support on the other hand was associated with higher levels of depression and higher levels of relational aggression. The article is important because it highlights the importance and need of efforts to find preventative mechanisms and research on interventions addressing the mental health needs of youth victimized by their peers. Such efforts will improve the overall well-being of our youngest members of society."

Emotion Regulation Flexibility

"This article offers a new and more nuanced examination of emotion regulation centering on the breakthrough concept of emotional flexibility, a vital key to human behavior."

The Impact of Various Parental Mental Disorders on Children’s Diagnoses: A Systematic Review

"Around the world children with a parent having serious mental health problems are at pronounced risk for specific mental disorders ."

Developmental Trajectories of Youth Character: A Five-Wave Longitudinal Study of Cub Scouts and Non-Scout Boys

"This groundbreaking, large-scale, multi-year evaluation of one of America's largest and most prominent youth development organization, Boy Scouts of America, demonstrates how programs can develop youth’s character virtues, prosocial behaviors and positive civic actions necessary for individuals and societies to flourish."

Early Childhood Education for Sustainability: The OMEP World Project

"The article summarises a number of research studies in which children participate. The findings demonstrate the significant knowledge that young children hold about environmental issues and their competence in understanding the responsibilities which individuals carry to ensure environmental, social, and economic sustainability."

Imagining an ideal school for wellbeing: Locating student voice

"Let's learn to listen to student voice so we can improve the human condition and make the world more just!"

Innovating teacher education in a complex era

"Must-read article on the role teachers play in designing a powerful learning environment and how teacher education must be re-designed to bring about possibilities of innovation."


"This article showcases how science-related critical issues in the world such as climate change can be integrated into science teaching through the use of role-playing and socio-scientific issues (SSI), in which students are engaged in learning essential science competencies of argumantation and reflection. It is interesting to see how SSI scenarios can be used in the biology, chemistry, physics, and politics classes with the instructional strategy ogrole-playing."

The Costa Rica GLOBE (Global Learning and Observations to Benefit the Environment) Project as a Learning Science Environment

"A must read study on the impact of a technology-rich learning environment on youth who were participants in the practice of science related to environmental issues in their community."

Ethical and Epistemic Dilemmas in Empirically-Engaged Philosophy of Education

"Brilliantly shows why philosophical and empirical scholarship belong together."

Objectivity and a comparison of methodological scenario approaches for climate change research

"This paper presents a fundamental challenge for climate change assessment and develops an objective alternative to overcome this challenge."

Distinguishing between legitimate and illegitimate values in climate modeling

"How to use ethical values as a scientist when doing climate modeling."