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Springer Archives brings influential scientific works of the last centuries to today’s researchers. The Online Journal Archive currently includes over 2 million journal articles. The Springer Book Archives adds around 110,000 titles including many that were previously hard to find, authored by leading scientists whose work laid the foundations for much of today’s scientific understanding. Delivered alongside libraries’ existing online resources, Springer Archives provides a seamless link from the great works and discoveries of the past to today’s leading scientific research.

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Springer Archives add value and depth to your existing Springer content

SpringerLink's functionality, including powerful semantic search, enables simultaneous integrated navigation and discovery across all books and journals, contemporary and historical.

Springer opens another door to historical scientific research

As part of its ongoing commitment to the scientific community, Springer significantly expand its archival offering with the launch of the Springer Book Archives, dating back to the 1840s. With around 110,000 Springer Book Archive titles available, Springer continues to offer the largest single collection of STM books in the world.

Springer Book Archives

Quick Facts:

  • 110,00 titles
  • English and German (approximately half each)
  • No Digital Rights Management (DRM)
  • Free MARC records
  • MyCopy print on demand
  • Whole book and chapter level downloads
  • Dating back to the 1840s
  • Purchase model
  • Book series back to volume 1
  • DOIs at title and chapter levels

Springer Journal Archives

Quick Facts:

  • More than 2 million articles dating back as far as 1854
  • Coverage from volume 1, issue 1
  • Over 1,000 journal titles
  • Searchable PDF (OCR) format at 300 dpi
  • XML headers and references
  • Integrated into SpringerLink


Springer Archives are available through SpringerLink

  • SpringerLink, a powerful online information service
  • Integrated functionality and reliability
  • Linked references
  • Seamless access through IP Authentication

Benefits for librarians

Librarians will instantly recognize the value of the Springer Archives as a major step forward in the move toward secured electronic access of quality research content and the true virtual library.

  • Complete collections and expanded holdings without the burden of single issue or copy purchases
  • Enriched metadata available to patrons of search and discovery services like Google
  • Ensure access for patrons to works previously unavailable electronically or out of print
  • Free (OCLC) MARC records
  • Eliminate spoilage issues and reduce need to scan articles
  • Reduce physical space requirements and staff time to manage physical collections

Benefits for researchers

Enable today’s researchers to explore the scientific achievements of the past using today’s technology, and all the advantages that it offers.

  • Uncover previously hard-to-find book chapters and articles
  • Access historical precedents that support current theories and inspire new breakthroughs
  • Trace the genesis of significant research and protocols and link them to today's research
  • Discover and verify prior art

Complete your collection

  • Purchase selection of packages or the entire book and journal archives
  • Flexible terms
  • Standard, Academic and Corporate pricing available
  • Single and multi-site agreements and consortia licenses offered

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