FAQ Digital Comps

Find here answers to frequently asked questions concerning the Digital Comps instructor sampling service.

1. Log in and requests

What is Digital Comps? 

Digital Comps is an online platform where Instructors can access Springer Nature textbooks for a limited period of time.

Who can access the Digital comps platform?

Instructors/Professors affiliated to a recognized University looking for a possible adoption to their course will be given complimentary access.

Are there any charges to access titles in Digital comps?

There are no charges to access textbooks on Digital Comps, the service is free.

How do I register?

Follow this link: https://springer-einspections.eb20.com Register with your university email address and fill in all the required details.

Why might my request be rejected?

If you have not registered with an authentic University email address, it is most likely that your request will be rejected.

How do I reset my Username and Password?

Use the 'Forgot Password?' functionality on the Digital Comps home page.

2. Your bookshelf and access

Do you have a list of titles in Digital comps?

Log in to the Digital Comps platform and you will see the available titles in the database.

How many titles can one user request at a time?

One user can request a maximum of 3 titles at a time.

Where can I find my approved titles?

Log in to your Digital Comps account and you will find the approved titles in your bookshelf.

What happens if my request is approved, but I do not access the book at all for 180 days?

Do not worry, your access is still valid. Your 180 day period will only begin once you click on the 'Read Online' button in your bookshelf.

What can I do with my Digital Comps PDF?

You will get access to read online only; the PDF cannot be downloaded and is DRM protected.

Can the eBook be downloaded from Digital Comps?

The eBook cannot be downloaded, only online access is granted.

Can the 180 day online access be extended? By how much?

In case the academic inspection requires more than 180 days, click on 'Submit a request for a review extention' in the bookshelf. The access can be extended for 30 more days.

Are extra learning materials like solution manuals available in Digitial Comps? How do I get them?

Solution manuals and other extra material, if any, is available on springer.com. (Find here an example, just below the Table of Contents).

How can I tell on Springer.com if a title is available in Digital Comps?

Search for the desired textbook on springer.com. Look for “Services for this Book” and click on “Request eBook Instructor Sample." If there is no service link, then the book is not available on Digital Comps.

Can I get a print copy of the adopted text?

Unfortunately, our business limitations do not allow us to provide a free print copy