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Frequently Asked Questions to "The Dynamic Cell"

The site license for this software describes a number of users. Are these simultaneous users?

Yes, the number of users referred to in the different site license pricing categories is the number of simultaneous users.

Does the site license need to be reviewed?

No. The site license payment is a "one-off" payment. There is no time limit to the license. As part of the network license, can I use the software in a lecture hall with a beamer? Yes, there is no restriction on the number of people who may see the software at any one time, only on the number of computers/workstations simultaneously accessing it.

Why do I have to keep the disc in the CD-ROM drive?

The single user installation takes up around 150 MB and copies the program onto the hard drive, except the animations. The cd therefore has to be in the computer for this to run properly. The server installation takes up about 450 MB, and copies the complete CD contents (unzipped) onto the hard drive/server. Thus this can be run without the CD, either if the computer is in the network or has had the full installation onto the hard drive.

For which purpose do I have to install "DirectX"?

The DirectX libraries are provided by Microsoft to extend the functionality of Windows: they allow low level function call for fast animation and display within the Windows environment. These libraries are provided and installed with later version of Windows ’98, however earlier versions were shipped without these libraries. Provided on "The Dynamic Cell" CD are the libraries for DirectX 5. For single machine installation, the installation software will automatically check, if this software is already present on your computer and, if necessary, installs it.
During installation the server machine is tested to see if DirectX is present. If not, the libraries are installed as part of the installation. However this only is automatically installed on the local machine. But DirectX needs also to be installed on each client machine. Whether the client machines have DirectX installed or not can be checked from the Control Panel. To access the control panel click Start->Settings->Control Panel. Click on the "software" icon, and check the list for DirectX drivers. To install DirectX on a client machine, go into the DirectX directory of the CD and double-click on ‘dxsetup.exe’.
After installation under Win NT I received the error message "The dynamic cell cannot run full screen on your video card".
For the Windows NT version, the user additionally must install what is called service packs. These are essentially upgrades to Windows NT v4.0. So install the actual service pack (download from Microsoft-Homepage), this should solve the problem. If not, check the resolution of your screen. If it is above 1024x768, reduce the resolution to that value or less before running the program.
Certain visual clips do not load, I get the error message "MMSystem 006 ... (No driver installed)".
The MMSYSTEM 006 error is caused either by missing or corrupt drivers in the Windows '98 configuration. The only way to repair or correct this is to reinstall the Windows 98/95 multimedia options. This is done with the "Add/Remove Programs" section of the control panel. Please use the following steps to help correct this problem:

  • Click Start, Settings, then Control Panel. Double-click the "Add/Remove Programs" icon. Click the Windows
  • Setup tab. Remove the check from Multimedia and click the Apply button to remove the components. Once the components have been removed, recheck the Multimedia option, making sure that the check is in the box labelled "audio and video" compression. Click Apply to reinstall the components.

Can I print the contents?

The contents of the pop-up windows are printable: either the picture, the text, or both. In the case of an animation or video, the frame being displayed will be printed.

Can I export the images, animations etc.?

Only the Rasmol files can be exported. The possibilty of exporting other files is being planned for a future edition.

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