FAQ's eBooks


  • Springer eBooks are currently only available for purchase in PDF format
  • The PDF format can be used and read universally on various digital devices, making it ideal for mobile use
  • Additional formats are currently being researched and will be available in the future

DRM / Rights Management

  • So as to offer you as much flexibility with your Springer-eBook as possible, we do not utilize any Digital Rights Management (DRM)
  • The PDF file merely receives a digital watermark that does not affect who can use it – the watermark is only displayed outside of the text area

Payment Methods

  • Payments for eBooks are made online and prior to download
  • The available options include all major credit cards (VISA, MasterCard and American Express) and PayPal
  • Payments are processed by our service provider WorldPay

eBook Downloads and Online Access

  • After payment, eBooks can be downloaded in PDF format
  • The download takes place in your personal area on springer.com, where you will find the corresponding link
  • The link to the download is and remains valid, meaning you can download the file again at any time in the future
  • In addition to download, you also have the option of reading the book online (provided you have an Internet connection).
  • Individual eBook files can be extremely large, many of them well over 50 MB
  • Please make sure you have the necessary capacities for the download

Using eBooks

  • The use of eBooks and ePapers is exclusively limited to personal use. If the customer downloads an eBook as a PDF file, they may save it on a digital device that they personally and exclusively use, i.e., may store a digital copy there. Other types of use, especially commercial use, on the part of the customer are prohibited. As such, it is expressly forbidden to create additional copies of an eBook or ePaper, especially for digital devices or in digital media to which other people or companies have access; to edit or rework an eBook or ePaper and publish or sell the result; to forward, rent or otherwise distribute the eBook or ePaper to third parties; to make it publicly available; or to send it to third parties. This is equally valid for use in intra- and extranets.

Terms and Conditions

  • Our general Terms and Conditions apply