Chapters Authored by Nobel Laureates

Our congratulations to Profs. Jean-Pierre Sauvage, Sir J. Fraser Stoddart and Bernard L. Feringa for the joint award of the 2016 Nobel Prize for Chemistry. We are proud to present 10 chapters in Topics in Current Chemistry authored by the three Nobel Laureates.

© Springer"Transition-Metal-Complexed Catenanes and Rotaxanes: From Dynamic Systems to Functional Molecular Machines" by Stéphanie Durot, Valérie Heitz, Angélique Sour, Jean-Pierre Sauvage

"Unidirectional Light-Driven Molecular Motors Based on Overcrowded Alkenes" by Arjen Cnossen, Wesley R. Browne , Ben L. Feringa

Molecular Machines and Motors (2014) Editors: Alberto Credi, Serena Silvi, Margherita Venturi

© Springer"The Mechanical Bond: A Work of Art" by Carson J. Bruns, J. Fraser Stoddart

"The Beauty of Knots at the Molecular Level" by Jean-Pierre Sauvage , David B. Amabilino
Beauty in Chemistry: Artistry in the Creation of New Molecules (2012) Editor: Luigi Fabbrizzi

© Springer"Transition-Metal-Complexed Catenanes and Rotaxanes in Motion: Towards Molecular Machines" by Jean-Paul Collin, Valérie Heitz, Jean-Pierre Sauvage

"Towards a Rational Design of Molecular Switches and Sensors from their Basic Building Blocks" by Nicolle N. P. Moonen, Amar H. Flood, Juan M. Fernández, J. Fraser Stoddart

Molecular Machines (2005) Editor: T. Ross Kelly

© Springer"Templated Synthesis of Interlocked Molecules" by Fabio Aricó, Jovica D. Badjic, Stuart J. Cantrill, Amar H. Flood, Ken C.-F. Leung, Yi Liu, J. Fraser Stoddart

"Molecular Knots" by Christiane Dietrich-Buchecker, Benoît X. Colasson, Jean-Pierre Sauvage

Templates in Chemistry II (2005) Editors: Christoph A. Schalley, Fritz Vögtle, Karl Heinz Dötz

© Springer"Substrate-directed synthesis: The rapid assembly of novel macropolycyclic structures via stereoregular diels-alder oligomerizations" by Franz H. Kohnke, John P. Mathias, J. Fraser Stoddart

"From classical chirality to topologically chiral catenands and knots" by Jean-Claude Chambron, Christiane Dietrich-Buchecker, Jean-Pierre Sauvage
Supramolecular Chemistry I — Directed Synthesis and Molecular Recognition (1993) Editor: Edwin Weber