Prof. Jin-Quan Yu wins 2016 MacArthur Fellowship

Congratulations to Prof. Jin-Quan Yu, editor of the volume “C-H Activation” in Topics in Current Chemistry, on winning a 2016 MacArthur Fellowship!

Prof. Jin-Quan Yu, a synthetic chemist from the Scripps Research Institute, is among the 23 recipients of 2016 MacArthur Fellowship. Widely known as the “genius grant,” this high-profile honor “awards unrestricted fellowships to talented individuals who have shown extraordinary originality and dedication in their creative pursuits and a marked capacity for self-direction.” Prof. Yu was awarded this fellowship for his pioneering work on C–H functionalization, a process to break inert C-H bonds using metal-based catalysts to create organic molecules.

Together with Prof. Zhangjie Shi, who is also an active and talented chemist in the field of C-H functionalization, Prof. Yu edited a volume on “C-H Activation” for Topics in Current Chemistry in 2010, which has been downloaded 43,000 times and received 1,300 citations to date.

“C–H Activation is a collection of 12 independent chapters, written by renowned authors. … The descriptions of future perspectives, applications … experimental procedures at the end of the chapters are invaluable to readers, particularly students. … I strongly recommend the book … intellectually rewarding, and promising avenues of research within organic and organometallic chemistry. It will be an essential reference source for practitioners in the field for many years to come, and it should have a privileged spot on many bookshelves.” (Rubén Martín Romo, Angewandte Chemie, Vol. 50, 2011)