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We are delighted to announce that Topics in Current Chemistry has published over 120 articles since its launch in 2016, including several topical collections. Take a look at some of our latest highlights from the journal.

Topical Collections

Articles in Focus: Enjoy free access to selected articles from our recently completed topical collections.

News: A review on the topical collection ‘Analytical chemistry for cultural heritage’ was published by Prof. Maria Careri, University of Parma.

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Congratulations to Profs. Jean-Pierre Sauvage, Sir J. Fraser Stoddart and Bernard L. Feringa for jointly winning 2016 Nobel Prize for Chemistry!

See what the Nobel Laureates have published in Topics of Current Chemistry.

Prof. Jin-Quan Yu, editor of the volume “C-H Activation,” wins 2016 MacArthur Fellowship

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New Editorial Board Members

We are pleased to welcome Professor Barbara Kirchner to the Editorial Board of Topics in Current Chemistry.

 Professor Kirchner is a full Professor at the Mulliken Center for Theoretical Chemistry at the University of Bonn. Her main research interests are diverse, ranging from understanding liquids and solvents, intermolecular forces and processes in the condensed phase, to quantum chemical analysis of interesting molecules, and methodological developments.

Professor Kirchner is currently co-editing an on-going topical collection with Dr Eva Perlt entitled ‘Ionic Liquids II’. Take a look at the recent articles here! 


<NEW> Read interviews with Prof. Dr. Massimo Olivucci, an Editor of the journal, affiliated both with Università di Siena in Italy and Bowling Green State University in the US and  Prof. Dr. Henry N. C. Wong, an Editorial Board member from the Chinese University of Hong Kong. We asked them about their favorite chemical substances, their current research, and a lot more. Learn more about them through their personal stories.

Related Awards and Conferences

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Now published as a journal!

From the beginning of 2016, Topics in Current Chemistry has started its publication as a journal. Succeeding the highly esteemed tradition of its book series, the journal presents comprehensive reviews of established and emerging topics in modern chemical research.  Thematic hardcover volumes continue to be available.

If you are interested in planning a topical collection for the journal, get in touch with one of our team members:

Charlotte Hollingworth - Senior Publishing Editor, Chemistry

June Tang - Executive Editor, Physical Sciences and Engineering, and 

Xu Na - Assistant Editor, for editorial assistance.

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