Celebrating World Water Day 2018

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At the start of the new World Water Decade

In 2015, at the end of the previous UN World Water Decade, the World Economic Forum ranked water crises as the top global risk by impact. At the start of the new World Water Decade today, water crises remain one of the main risks to economies, people, and environments worldwide. The lack of access to clean and safe drinking water and the pressures placed on water systems due to climate change, natural disasters, urbanization and population growth...  Read the full text​​​​​​​

Zafar Adeel © SpringerEditorial: Water Security as the Top Global Agenda by Zafar Adeel

Water insecurity is a threat that cuts across geographical regions, sectors of commerce, and societal divides. Competition for scarce water resources has intensified within countries and among countries sharing water resources. As the world population climbs towards 9 or 10 billion people by the end of this century and our consumption patterns further intensify water demands, we have to ask a fundamental question:

 Would we be able to provide sufficient water for daily domestic use, food production, energy generation, and business enterprises?  Read the full text!

Dr. Zafar Adeel is the Executive Director of the Pacific Water Research Centre and a Professor of Professional Practice at Simon Fraser University, and has over 25 years of experience in a broad range of environmental and policy issues. ​​​​​​​

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9783319578019_color © SpringerAdaptive Governance by Margot Hurlbert

Margot Hurlbert, Associate Professor, Department of Sociology and Social Studies at University of Regina, Canada, and the author of Adaptive Governance of Disaster in Drought and Flood in Rural Areas talks about her book which provides a model to unite the interdisciplinary science and tackle wicked problems surrounding water, adaptation, and mitigation to climate change in order to build transformative resilient pathways. Read the full text!


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