World Space Week

  • Celebrating the 50th Anniversary of the Moon Landing!
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The Moon: Gateway to the Stars

World Space Week is an international celebration of science and technology, and their contribution to the betterment of the human condition. In 1999, the United Nations General Assembly declared that World Space Week will be held each year from October 4-10 with the objective of strengthening the link between space and society through public education, participation, and dialogue on the future of space activity. The 2019 theme is “The Moon: Gateway to the Stars.”

It has a special meaning because it celebrates the 50th Anniversary of the Moon Landing! On this occasion, we showcase selected content published in our books. Read and share the scientific publications we’ve put together across the field of Astronomy, addressing its impact on society and science. Book chapters are free until October 18th 2019 - read and share the research with your communities today.

From our authors

SPSN-Astronomy-Apollo © SpringerPat Norris’s 50 years of space experience includes the Apollo Moon landings as a NASA contractor and the Hubble Space Telescope as a European Space Agency programme manager.
Since 1980, he has worked for CGI, and he is currently a part-time consultant to its Space Business Unit. He was awarded the Apollo Individual Achievement Award in 1969 and the Sir Arthur Clarke Lifetime Achievement Award in 2016.

Pat Norris

James Chen © SpringerJames Chen is retired from the Department of the Navy and Federal Aviation Administration where he worked as a Radar and Surveillance Systems Engineer. A guest lecturer at local Washington DC/Northern Virginia/Maryland astronomy clubs on amateur astronomy topics of eyepiece design and optical filters, he wrote a short Astronomy Magazine article on Dobsonian telescope design November 1989 and served as a sales consultant to two Washington DC area telescope stores for over 30 years.

James Chen

Key books and free chapters

Explore a selection of featured books below - enjoy free access on selected book chapters until 18th October 2019. 

© SpringerHow to Find the Apollo Landing Sites

Offers casual and serious observers the ability to locate the Apollo landing sites (with or without visual aid) and provides history on each mission, including why sites were chosen.

Free online chapter | Apollo 11

© SpringerA Passion for Space

In this book Marianne J. Dyson recounts for us a time when women were making the first inroads into space flight control, a previously male-dominated profession. 

Free online chapter | NASA Employee  

© SpringerReturning People to the Moon After Apollo

Provides an objective assessment of modern space projects aimed at sending humans to the Moon, and offers an insider's expert account of the evolving space industry.

Free online chapter | Why Is It Taking So Long to Return to the Moon

© SpringerFrom Cave Man to Cave Martian

Explores the practicality of using the existing subsurface geology on the Moon and Mars for protection against radiation, thermal extremes, micrometeorites and dust storms rather than building surface habitats at great expense at least for those first few missions.

Free online chapter | Cave Uses on Earth From Prehistory to the Present

© SpringerApollo Mission Control

Publication coincides with the 50th Anniversary of the Apollo 11 lunar landing in July 2019. It includes anecdotes by flight controllers about their duties and time on-console during historic Apollo missions

Free online chapter | The Original Mission Control Center

© SpringerEarly Exploration of the Moon

This book provides a technical history of lunar exploration during the Cold War, and reflects firsthand knowledge of US space operations and spacecraft design. It includes abundant details on all major spacecraft subsystems, from rocket engines to electronics.

Free online chapter | The Apollo Manned Exploration of the Moon

Call for papers now open

Celestial Mechanics and Dynamical Astronomy

© SpringerThe journal "Celestial Mechanics and Dynamical Astronomy" is planning to publish a thematic collection titled TOWARD THE MOON AND BEYOND, which hopes to include original articles from leading researchers. We invite all authors to submit a paper


Submissions for the MOON Topical Collection will be accepted until 15 January 2020. All papers will be reviewed as in normal issues. Of course, if a paper is not included in the Topical Collection, it will appear in normal issues anyway.

Papers should be submitted through the web site.


  • Lunar mission planning
  • Orbit design and orbit transfer
  • Circumlunar Lagrange points
  • Lunar landing algorithms
  • Lunar formation flying
  • Dynamics and stability of lunar orbits
  • High fidelity propagation of lunar orbits
  • Lunar robotic missions
  • Cislunar trajectories
  • Lunar dynamical origin theories
  • Lunar theory


Articles should not duplicate papers already published or which the author intends to send for publication elsewhere.

Papers submitted should have the same level as papers published in ordinary issues of the journal.

Papers whose contents only review recent publications should not be submitted without the previous agreement of the editors.

"Communications", "Short notes", "Progress Reports" and "Extended Abstracts" will not be considered for publication.


All papers will be reviewed by referees appointed by the journal editors and in agreement with the journal's rules.

At the end of the refereeing the paper can be



The journal accepts electronic multimedia files (animations, movies, audio, etc.) and other supplementary files to be published online along with an article (see the journal web site for instructions.)


Terry Alfriend, Pini Gurfil, Ryan P. Russell (Guest Editors) and Alessandra Celletti (Editor-in-Chief)

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