Women in Engineering: Shaping the World

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In honor of International Women in Engineering Day, we asked our authors & editors to share their experiences as women in engineering. Read on to find exclusive interviews and selected research on women in STEM.

Springer's Women in Engineering

Learn more about the stories behind our female engineers, why they chose engineering & their advice to other women pursuing a career in engineering:

Xiaoqing Zeng 2 © Springer

Prof. Xiaoqing Zeng

Lan Wang © Springer

Prof. Lan Wang

Alicia Kim © Springer

Prof. H Alicia Kim

Pilar Ariza © Springer

Prof. Pilar Ariza

Magdalena Stoev © Springer

Prof. Magdalena Stoeva

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Featured Series: Women in Engineering and Science

15424 © SpringerThe Springer Women in Engineering and Science series highlights women’s accomplishments in these critical fields. The foundational volume in the series provides a broad overview of women’s multi-faceted contributions to engineering over the last century. Each subsequent volume is dedicated to illuminating women’s research and achievements in key, targeted areas of contemporary engineering and science endeavors. The goal for the series is to raise awareness of the pivotal work women are undertaking in areas of keen importance to our global community.

Watch an interview with series editor Jill Tietjen

Featured Content: Women in STEM

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