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Statistics in Biosciences

Practical Considerations for Data Collection and Management in Mobile Health Micro-randomized Trials by Nicholas J. Seewald, Shawna N. Smith, Andy Jinseok Lee, Predrag Klasnja & Susan A. Murphy  

Nonparametric Time-Varying Coefficient Models for Panel Data by Huazhen Lin, Hyokyoung G. Hong, Baoying Yang, Wei Liu, Yong Zhang, Gang-Zhi Fan & Yi Li

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Lifetime Data Analysis

Prognostic score matching methods for estimating the average effect of a non-reversible binary time-dependent treatment on the survival function

by Kevin He, Yun Li, Panduranga S. Rao, Randall S. Sung & Douglas E. Schaubel  

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Computational Statistics

Bayesian joint-quantile regression 

by Yingying Hu, Huixia Judy Wang, Xuming He & Jianhua Guo 

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Statistics and Computing

Inference on high-dimensional implicit dynamic models using a guided intermediate resampling filter by Joonha Park & Edward L. Ionides

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Statistical Methods & Applications

Bayesian graphical models for modern biological applications

by Yang Ni, Veerabhadran Baladandayuthapani, Marina Vannucci & Francesco C. Stingo 

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Journal of the Agricultural, Biological and Environmental Statistics

Joint Modeling of Distances and Times in Point-Count Surveys

by Adam Martin-Schwarze, Jarad Niemi & Philip Dixon 

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On the rate of concentration of maxima in Gaussian arrays

by Rafail Kartsioukas, Zheng Gao & Stilian Stoev