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Springer 出版的环境科学领域期刊由来自全球一流科研机构的国际知名科学家、学者和研究人员进行同行评审和编辑,发表全球顶尖科研人员撰写的前沿论文。研究领域包括:环境科学、全球变化、海洋与淡水科学、自然保护与生物多样性、污染与环保、土壤科学、可持续发展、大气科学、气候与气象、水环境研究等。

为方便广大研究学者了解 Springer 环境科学领域优质期刊,帮助大家选刊投稿,我们特别挑选了一批优秀期刊,提供了常用期刊指标供大家参考,同时开放了其2019年出版的高被引论文。希望这些内容有助于您的学术研究,也欢迎您选择 Springer 发表您的下一项研究成果!

2019 高被引论文限时开放至2019年11月30日,欢迎免费阅读和下载!


© Springer

Reviews in Environmental Science and Bio/Technology

IF18: 4.938

h5 Index: 35
JCR 分区: 环境科学 Q1
中科院分区: 2区

审稿周期: 22 天

接受到出版周期: 6 天

Removal of cesium ions from aqueous solutions using various separation technologies

© Springer

The International Journal of Life Cycle Assessment

IF18: 4.868

h5 Index: 52

JCR 分区: 环境科学 Q1

中科院分区: 2区

审稿周期: 91 天

接受到出版周期: 20 天

Integrating strategic environmental assessment and material flow accounting: a novel approach for moving towards sustainable urban futures

© Springer


IF18: 4.555

h5 Index: 40

JCR 分区: 生态学 Q1

中科院分区: 2区 

接受到出版周期: 15 天

Context-Dependency of Agricultural Legacies in Temperate Forest Soils

© Springer

Landscape Ecology

IF18: 4.349

h5 Index: 47

JCR 分区: 生态学 Q1

中科院分区: 2区 

审稿周期: 50 天

接受到出版周期: 11 天

LTSER platforms as a place-based transdisciplinary research infrastructure: learning landscape approach through evaluation

© Springer

Climatic Change

IF18: 4.168

h5 Index: 69

JCR 分区: 环境科学 Q1

中科院分区: 2区 

审稿周期: 80 天

接受到出版周期: 18 天

Implications of various effort-sharing approaches for national carbon budgets and emission pathways

© Springer


IF18: 3.406

h5 Index: 42

JCR 分区: 地球科学 Q1;环境科学Q2

中科院分区: 2区 

审稿周期: 52 天

The impact of wildfire on microbial C:N:P stoichiometry and the fungal-to-bacterial ratio in permafrost soil

© Springer

Environmental Geochemistry and Health

IF18: 3.252

h5 Index: 30

JCR 分区: 水资源 Q1;环境科学 Q2

中科院分区: 3区 

审稿周期: 47 天

A comprehensive review on current status, mechanism, and possible sources of arsenic contamination in groundwater: a global perspective with prominence of Pakistan scenario

© Springer

Water Resources Management

IF18: 2.987

h5 Index: 44

JCR 分区: 水资源 Q1

中科院分区: 3区 

接受到出版周期: 17 天

Identification of the Non-stationarity of Floods: Changing Patterns, Causes, and Implications

© Springer

Air Quality, Atmosphere & Health

IF18: 2.297

h5 Index: 27

JCR 分区:  环境科学Q2

审稿周期: 45 天

接受到出版周期: 21 天

Determination of changes in heavy metal accumulation depending on plant species, plant organism, and traffic density in some landscape plants

© Springer

Clean Technologies and Environmental Policy

IF18: 2.277

h5 Index: 38

JCR 分区:  环境科学 Q2

中科院分区: 3区 

审稿周期: 27 天

接受到出版周期: 9 天

Does environmental regulation affect CO2 emissions? Analysis based on threshold effect model

© Springer

Environmental and Resource Economics

IF18: 2.154

h5 Index: 34

JCR 分区:  环境研究 Q2

Environmental Performance and Regulation Effect of China’s Atmospheric Pollutant Emissions: Evidence from “Three Regions and Ten Urban Agglomerations”

© Springer

Frontiers of Environmental Science & Engineering

IF18: 3.883

h5 Index: 28

JCR 分区:  Q2

Combined Fenton process and sulfide precipitation for removal of heavy metals from industrial wastewater: Bench and pilot scale studies focusing on in-depth thallium removal

© Springer

Environmental Monitoring and Assessment

IF18: 1.959

h5 Index: 45

JCR 分区:  环境科学 Q3

审稿周期: 57 天

Survey design to assess condition of wetlands in the United States

© Springer

Water, Air, & Soil Pollution

IF18: 1.774

h5 Index: 35

JCR 分区:  环境科学 Q3

审稿周期: 33 天

接受到出版周期: 18 天

Electrolytic Recovery of Nickel and Copper from Acid Pickling Solutions Used to Treat Metal Surfaces

© Springer

Energy Efficiency

IF18: 1.961

h5 Index: 25

JCR 分区:  绿色可持续发展技术 Q3

Exploring the energy consumption rebound effect of industrial enterprises in the Beijing–Tianjin–Hebei region

© Springer

Environment Systems and Decisions

h5 Index: 21

审稿周期: 30 天

The relationship between economic growth, consumption of energy, and environmental degradation: renewed evidence from Andean community nations

© Springer

Aerosol Science and Engineering

审稿周期: 45 天

接受到出版周期: 21 天

Change of Ionization Mechanism in the Welding Fume Plasma from Gas Metal Arc Welding

© Springer

Applied Water Science

h5 Index: 29

Activity enhancement of ammonia-oxidizing bacteria and nitrite-oxidizing bacteria in activated sludge process: metabolite reduction and CO2 mitigation intensification process

© Springer

Energy, Ecology and Environment

h5 Index: 12

已被Scopus 收录

A dynamic price model based on levelized cost for district heating

© Springer



Biochar-based materials and their applications in removal of organic contaminants from wastewater: state-of-the-art review

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