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Statistics and its Importance in Health and Epidemiology

The field of epidemiology is evolving quickly; spurred by the recent global crisis, researchers and scientists are transforming the way statistics in epidemiology is studied. Along with the impressive team of scholars that we're fortunate to collaborate with today, we can also look forward to a new generation of researchers in this space. To that end, Springer presents you with a selection of the most popular book chapters and journal articles in this field. Consider publishing your statistics and epidemiology research with us!

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Popular Articles

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Statistics in Biosciences

Variable Selection in Threshold Regression Model with Applications to HIV Drug Adherence Data

by Takumi Saegusa, Tianzhou Ma, Gang Li, Ying Qing Chen & Mei-Ling Ting Lee 

*We welcome Joan Hu of Simon Fraser University as Co-Editor-in-Chief!*

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Journal of Agricultural, Biological, and Environmental Statistics

Nonparametric Bayesian Functional Meta-Regression: Applications in Environmental Epidemiology

by Jaeeun Yu, Jinsu Park, Taeryon Choi, Masahiro Hashizume, Yoonhee Kim, Yasushi Honda & Yeonseung Chung

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Computational Statistics

A comparison of optimization solvers for log binomial regression including conic programming

by Florian Schwendinger, Bettina Grün & Kurt Hornik 

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Likelihood ratio confidence interval for the abundance under binomial detectability models

by Yang Liu, Yukun Liu, Yan Fan & Han Geng 

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AStA Wirtschafts- und Sozialstatistisches Archiv

Schätzung kleinräumiger Krankheitshäufigkeiten für die deutsche Bevölkerung anhand von Routinedaten am Beispiel von Typ-2-Diabetes

by Jan Breitkreuz, Gabriela Brückner, Jan Pablo Burgard, Joscha Krause, Ralf Münnich, Helmut Schröder & Katrin Schüssel