Highlights in Geography 2018

Looking back at the past year to inspire the future: Springer's Editorial Team share a selection of the top downloaded books & articles in 2018, together with their outlook on 2019.

Executive Editor, Dr. Robert K. Doe on 2018

© SpringerWhat a year it has been for Geography and Planet Earth! We have seen everything from devastating forest fires to record breaking summer temperatures (again!). A selection of recent news headlines does not paint a happy picture either; “Whale Songs' Changing Pitch Due to Climate”,  “Microplastics Pollution High in Falklands”, “Drying Canadian Wetland Drives Muskrat Decline”, “Alpine Ice Shows Three-Fold Increase in Atmospheric Iodine” and “Amazon Forests Failing to Keep Up With Climate Change”. 

But on the positive, 2018 produced many new discoveries including 17 new species of sea slugs, 3 new species of fish, a submerged Stone Age settlement in Southeast Finland, and scientists discovered the world's oldest colours in the geological record! 

It’s been a busy year...

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It’s been a busy year for the Geography team. We thank all of our authors who have made such a valuable contribution in understanding our world better and working towards solving some of the grand challenges we face. The research we have published this year has been innovative, ground-breaking and highly informative. For example, a few selected journal highlights include:


The Journal of Geovisualization and Spatial Analysis published an innovative article on Mapping Air Population based on the total number of people flying above the earth at any point in time.

The journal Geoenvironmental Disasters published an informative article on spaceborne, UAV and ground-based remote sensing techniques for landslide mapping, monitoring and early warning.

The Journal City, Territory and Architecture published an interesting article analysing smart cities, social media platforms and security.


Meanwhile, highlights from our growing book program have been many. We congratulate the World Soils Book Series which has now published twenty-two important national treatises.  The World Geomorphological Landscapes added two more national titles to its growing global coverage with Egypt and Belgium and Luxembourg; the launch of the new series Economic Geography with the inaugural title Car Tourism, and Historical Geography and Geosciences with the inaugural publication Historical Farmland in China During 1661-1980. The World Regional Geography Book Series published the much anticipated The Netherlands and the Dutch and the Urban Book Series now has over fifty listed titles! We were also delighted to launch our Urban Studies portal in 2018 which will be a valuable future resource for urban geography, design and governance.  


Looking ahead to 2019, we are excited to be launching the new book series Global Perspectives on Health Geography with forthcoming titles on medical tourism and mapping diseases. Also the first titles in Key Challenges in Geography in association with EUROGEO, and expanding our urban collection with Megacities of the World. We are also pleased to announce that our international book series Springer Geography is now indexed in SCOPUS and accepting book proposals for 2019.


Dr. Robert K. Doe is Executive Publishing Editor and group leader for Geography based at the Dordrecht, Netherlands office of Springer Nature.

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