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Looking back at the past year to inspire the future: Springer's Editorial Team share a selection of the top downloaded books & articles in 2018, together with their outlook on 2019.

Publishing Editor, Dr. Michael Leuchner on 2018

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Climate Science is becoming more and more important every year as we tackle urgent challenges as  weather- and climate-related extreme events become more frequent and severe around the globe. 2018 was another year with record temperatures and heatwaves, excessive wildfires and droughts, tropical storms and flooding, advanced glacial melt, continued sea level rise, record casualties and difficult political developments. Ahead lie the grand challenges of slowing down climate change and its effects and moving towards carbon-neutral and sustainable societies.

In this respect, the dissemination of factual basic and applied climate information has become more crucial than ever. 

Springer’s Climate Program published...

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Springer’s Climate Program published a broad mix of critical research in 2018, especially from some of the world’s leading journals in the field: Climate Dynamics, Climatic Change, Mitigation and Adaptation Strategies for Global Change and Theoretical and Applied Climatology. Read the most downloaded articles in 2018 on the impact of major carbon producers on the rise of atmospheric CO2, surface temperature and sea level or get a mental picture of the greenhouse effect.

2018 featured many highlights in our growing climate science book program. We are excited to have published the very first book in the Sustainable Development Goals SeriesClimate Change, Extreme Events and Disaster Risk Reduction, under the goal Climate Action which provides new insights into the occurrence and impacts of climatic extremes and strategies for disaster risk reduction. We also published the multi-volume Handbook of Climate Change Communication which presents theory, practice, and important cases and material from over 40 countries. Many experts from all around the world contributed their case studies to Climate Change and Air Pollution in the Springer Climate book series to address this important topic from a fully global perspective, just to highlight a few.

We are very excited that the comprehensive volume The Hindu Kush Himalaya Assessment – Mountains, Climate Change, Sustainability and People will soon be available to everyone - open access - discussing the enormous challenges of this extremely important but also vulnerable region which supplys over a billion people with resources and ecosystem services. It will serve as a basis for evidence-based decision-making and is compiled based on the collective knowledge of 300 leading researchers, experts and policymakers.

Climate Science in 2019 will certainly face even more serious scientific and societal challenges in terms of climate change adaptation, mitigation and policy making to tackle urging issues such as securing clean water and food resources and dealing with global climate-related health issues in the most affected areas. The Springer Climate program will certainly further contribute by publishing high-quality peer-reviewed content to serve as the number one platform for authors and readers in climate science.

Dr. Michael Leuchner is Publishing Editor for Springer’s Climate program and is based in the Dordrecht, Netherlands office of Springer Nature.

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