Addressing Global Child Health

Aligning with Sustainable Development Goal #3 (Good Health and Well-Being), Springer has curated content around global child health. Selected chapters, articles & special issues are FREE to access through August 15, 2019. Open Access articles are always free to read.

The medical ecological context of children

​​​​​We have invited special guest, Timothy Dye,Timothy de ver Dye © Springer Editor-in-Chief of Maternal and Child Health Journal, to write about pressing issues concerning global child health.

"Children are clearly resilient, no doubt, but immersion in impoverished, abusive, dangerous, neglectful, toxic environments pose challenges and imbalances to one’s health and well-being extending deep into adulthood." Continue reading

Articles covering child health concerns from across the globe

​​​​​Timothy Dye children pics © SpringerRead and download leading content from across the BMC, Springer, and Springer Nature imprints, addressing global child health. We've arranged these articles according to the NICHD age groups, from neonatal to adolescence for easy viewing. 

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Recommended book chapters covering pivotal global child health issues

© SpringerPediatrician's Guide to Discussing Research with Patients

Offers a framework through which physicians can discuss their reasons for specific clinical recommendations, clarify misconceptions about research studies and findings, and explain the limitations of research when applied to medical decision making

Read the featured chapter: "Vaccines"

© SpringerDisparities in Child Health: A Solutions-Based Approach

This forward-looking resource shines needed light on—and offers realistic solutions for eliminating—health disparities affecting one of the most vulnerable populations: children. 

Read the featured chapter: "Disparities in Child Health: A Review"

© SpringerEthical Issues in Child Abuse Research

Utilizes current literature reviews combined with panel discussions to provide inclusive recommendations for resolution of research challenges

Read the featured chapter: "Informed Consent and Deception"

© SpringerGlobal Child Health: A Toolkit to Address Health Disparities

This timely resource brings child health to the forefront of global health and the crucial goal of universal equity of care. 

Read the featured chapter: "The Current State of Global Child Health and Disparities" 

© SpringerUpdate in Pediatrics

Keeps clinicians and scientists up-to-date in the field of pediatrics by summarizing the most current literature

Read the featured chapter: "Update in Pediatric Critical Care"

© SpringerClinical Manual of Fever in Children

This book discusses the latest scientific evidence related to fever and presents the principles of clinical practice, covering different types of fever and its possible complications. 

Read the featured chapter: "Fever and Complementary and Alternative Medicine" 

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