Building the Future City

  • What will the future city look like?
  • What needs to change in order to get there?
  • Which technologies will support the transition?

Smart Cities

Looking around, we see that cities are changing. New technologies are taking hold in our homes, offices, cars, and even in the air. What is the big picture, though? What will cities look like in 5 years, 10 years, 50 years? What are the technologies that will guide these changes? 

We welcome you to take a look through selected book chapters, articles, issues to gather some ideas. Don't miss our video interview which explores how infrastructure will have to change to make way for the smart future.

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Building the Future City: Infrastructure for Autonomous Vehicles

In this interview, Springer Executive Editor, Swati Mehereshi sits down with the editors in chief of the brand new Journal of Big Data Analytics in Transportation, Dr. Anuj Sharma and Dr. Adel Sadek to talk about how the city infrastructure needs to get smarter to pave the way for autonomous vehicles. More from this interview on the future of transportation is free to watch here

Highlights from our books:

Smart Cities: Applications, Technologies, Standards, and Driving Factors

© Springer

In this book, "experts in their fields present essential aspects of applications, technologies, requirements, and best-practices" for the smart city. 

Read a chapter: Smart Cities: Vision on-the-Ground

Integration of Nature and Technology for Smart Cities

© Springer

Together with an international group of authors from the engineering, urban planning, and architecture fields, Mr. Ahuja discussed new trends and paradigms in the smart buildings and smart city sectors and extended the topic of the previous publication from the building to the entire city.

Read: Vision of Cities: From the Green City to the Smart City

From Smart City to Smart Region

© Springer

This book offers a fascinating exploration of the relationship between information and communication technologies (ICTs) and spatial planning, expanding the concept of “urban smartness” from the usual scale of buildings or urban projects to the regional dimension.

Read: Reference Case Studies and Best Practices

Strategic Research on Construction and Promotion of China's Intelligent Cities

© Springer

 This book "systematically elaborates on how the construction and promotion of intelligent cities with Chinese characteristics could be implemented in the course of intelligent urbanization in China."

Read a chapter: A Global Review on Smart City Development

Information Innovation Technology in Smart Cities

© Springer

This book describes Smart Cities and the information technologies that will provide better living conditions in the cities of tomorrow.

Read a chapter: Intelligent Prediction of Firm Innovation Activity—The Case of Czech Smart Cities

Exciting articles from our journals:

Special Issue:

© Springer 

Special Issue: Wireless Communications for Smart City Computing  

Issue Editors: Zheng Xu, Yunhuai Liu, Xinrong Li

The Bigger Picture: Springer Nature & Cities Research

Cities are in Focus Across Springer Nature. Visit the following pages to learn more:  

AdobeStock_64057885 © aiisha / stock.adobe.comSpringer's Urban Studies has highlighted a selection of articles for World Cities Day. 

"To mark World Cities Day, which takes place on October 31st every year, we are pleased to support this year's theme  "Building sustainable and resilient cities". Take a closer look at our comprehensive collection of urban studies! We have opened access to selected book chapters and highlighted journal articles."

Visit their page to see the big picture going on in cities. 

Palgrave MacMillan's World Cities Day 
Better City, Better Life

31 October marks World Cities Day, a programme set up by the United Nations to approach issues associated with urbanization and the development, design and management of cities.
Browse our academic research, which covers a range of topics and discusses the need for resilient, inclusive and sustainable cities around the globe.

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How smart urban planning and design can help people and the planet

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Research-based solutions to real-world problems: Building green, livable cities that last

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