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From Pizza Making to Human Care: Robot’s Promising Skills

Author & editor of the prize winning Springer Handbook of Robotics Prof. Bruno Siciliano shares his story about how sticking to his roots impacted his career as a roboticist in this podcast as part of our storytelling project: "Before the Abstract". 

Will flying robots take over the world?

kimon-1 © Springer © Springer © Springer Prof. Kimon P. Valavanis, Editor-in-Chief, Journal of Intelligent and Robotic Systems, Editor of the Handbook on Unmanned Aerial Vehicles  and John Evans Professor at the University of Denver (Colorado, USA) on the journey from robotics manipulators to the development of drones. Read the full article to find out what the trajectory is: where the technology is taking us, what impact will these technologies have on the future, and one man's answer as to whether or not the robots will take over the world. 

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Your Turn: Will Robots Take Over The World?

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Read selected free chapters:

Springer Handbook of Robotics

© Springer

From Bruno Siciliano's & Oussama Khatib's award winning handbook: "A key research challenge in robotics is to design robotic systems with the cognitive capabilities necessary to support human–robot interaction. These systems will need to have appropriate representations of the world; the task at hand; the capabilities, expectations, and actions of their human counterparts; and how their own actions might affect the world, their task, and their human partners."

Read the chapter on "Cognitive Human–Robot Interaction"

Humanoid Robotics: A Reference

© Springer

"Handbook of Humanoids provides a comprehensive compilation of developments in the conceptualization, design and development of humanoid robots and related technologies. .. In this chapter, [the authors] summarize various aspects of the human body and motor control and review how they have inspired humanoid robot hardware and controller design." 

Read: "A Comparative Study Between Humans and Humanoid Robots"

The DARPA Robotics Challenge Finals: Humanoid Robots To The Rescue

© Springer

"The DARPA Robotics Challenge was a robotics competition that took place in Pomona, California USA in June 2015... The book provides an important record of the successes and failures involved in the DARPA Robotics Challenge and provides guidance for future needs to be addressed by policy makers, funding agencies, and the robotics research community."

Read the most downloaded chapter: Achieving Reliable Humanoid Robot Operations in the DARPA Robotics Challenge: Team WPI-CMU’s Approach 

Social Robots from a Human Perspective 

© Springer

"Organized around three sections that deal with Perceptions and Attitudes to Social Robots, Human Interaction with Social Robots, and Social Robots in Everyday Life, the book explores the idea that even if technical problems related to robot technologies can be continuously solved from a machine perspective, what kind of machine do we want to have and use in our daily lives?"

Read a chapter: In the Company of Robots: Views of Acceptability of Robots in Social Settings!

Advanced Technologies in Modern Robotic Applications 

© Springer

"By bringing fresh ideas, new concepts, novel methods and tools into robot control, robot vision, human robot interaction, teleoperation of robot and multiple robots system, we are to provide a state-of-the-art and comprehensive treatment of the advanced technologies for a wide range of robotic applications."

Read a chapter: "Human–Robot Interaction Interface"

*Most Downloaded as of May 2018

Special Issues:

© Springer Special Issue: Sociorobotics

"This special issue is comprised of eight papers, covering various Sociorobotics topics of interest, including research in robot personalities and behaviors, facial expressions and emotions, robot learning and navigation, and applied assistive robots (recommendation system, classroom, and interaction with children with autism)."

Read all 8 articles in the Special Issue FREE!

© Springer Special Issue: Learning for Human-Robot Collaboration

The goal of this special issue is to document and highlight recent progress in robot learning for human–robot collaboration (HRC), covering a diversity of articles that reflect the state-of-the-art in the field.

Read all 10 articles in this Special Issue FREE on SpringerLink

© Springer Focused Section on Human-Centered Robotics

To disseminate current advances and identify challenges and opportunities, this issue highlights several important research and technology achievements in: human–robot interface; action and trajectory planning; sensors; safety; and humans teaming with multiple robots.

Read all 9 articles in this Special Issue FREE on SpringerLink

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