The Internet of Things

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The Internet of Things

"Internet of Things has revolutionized all aspects of our lives – at work, in education, health, transportation, and the home. And the demand for connected technology is only increasing. Industry and consumers want IoT to be faster, safer, and more robust. Springer continues to bring together the best research in the field for anyone who wants to get ahead in this new frontier of engineering… and to help discover the next frontier." - Springer Senior Editor, Mary James

We've brought together the best research in the field for anyone who wants to get ahead in this new frontier of engineering.

What is the Internet of Things?

We reached out to Prof. Antonio Liotta, Director of Data Science Centre, Chair of Data Science at the University of Derby, UK and Editor-in-Chief of the Springer book series, Internet of Things. Read on to ask what he sees in the future of the IoT:

AnthonyLiotta © SpringerSpringer: What is the Internet of Things? 

Antonio: The Internet of Things is the next Internet. It extends the reach of connectivity much beyond computers and phones to virtually any object that has a chip and a radio interface. IoT gathers data from electronic sensors (such as those embedded in cars, drones or wearable fitness gadgets). It makes it possible to orchestrate multiple systems that affect each other (such as traffic and energy management in a “smart” city) because, ... read the full article

Featured Title

Internet-of-Things Security and Data Protection

© Springer

"This book provides an overview of the most recent developments in Internet of Things  security and data protection. It presents the results of several international research projects addressing this topic from complementary angles." 

Read a chapter: "Privacy and Security Threats on the Internet of Things" 

Special Issues on the Internet of Things

Special Issue: Mobile IoT: Enabling Technologies and Trends 

© Springer

The trends and recent developments in wireless and mobile ecosystems envision tremendous growth of new solutions and technologies, services and applications. Two major paradigms are moving this wave forward: the upcoming 5G era and fast penetrating internet of everything (IoE). This growth inevitably affects all domains of our being, actively involving research and industrial communities.

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Special Issue: From M2M to IoT: Platform, Network and Service

© Springer

8 original papers tacking the transition from Machine to Machine to the Internet of Things.  

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Special Issue: Cloudification of the Internet of Things

© Springer

This special issue addresses a wide spectrum of research issues pertaining to the use of Cloud infrastructures in support of IoT systems from the sensors and machines to the end users and applications hosted in the Cloud. It comprises selected papers that provide an overview of and in-depth research, development, and deployment efforts on the Cloudification of IoT, specifically IoT infrastructure, IoT gateways, and IoT cloud environments.  

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Internet of Things Book Series

11636 © Springer Started in 2014, the series "Internet Of Things" - Technologies, Communications and Computing publishes new developments and advances in the various areas of the different facets of the Internet of Things.

The intent is to cover technology (smart devices, wireless sensors, systems), communications (networks and protocols) and computing (theory, middleware and applications) of the Internet of Things, as embedded in the fields of engineering, computer science, life sciences, as well as the methodologies behind them.

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